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December 3rd, 2008

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Dee was confused.

After twenty or so years on Galactica, very few things surprised her, but hey. Maybe Lee had a surprise for her? Maybe a pre-anniversary gift? Dinner? She had no idea what was going on, but she wasn't going to ignore the note that she had found.

First, she went to his father's quarters, where he often spent time around the elder Adama's table discussing strategy that was no longer needed and, when she didn't find him, she told Bill about the note she had in her hand. He had, for the first time in a decade, avoided her gaze and had actually stammered an excuse before leaving the room before her. Frowning, she headed for the CIC.

Seeing Lee standing there talking to Gaeta, she gave a small smile. Her husband never failed to make her heart go pitty-pat and now was no different. Taking a breath, she moved across the room and waited until the two men were done talking before holding out the note.

(("Dear Mom-
Dad has something he needs to tell you ASAP.
- Love Anne"))

"Your daughter says you have something to tell me?"

October 8th, 2008

The Big Talk ((for [info]elegant_legacy))

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It wasn't that unusual for the ship's CO to take a trip to the flight deck to meet an incoming pilot, especially when that pilot was the Commander's own daughter. So when Lee arrived, the deck gang saluted and greeted him the same way they always would, and didn't suspect a thing until they were close enough to see how tightly the Commander's jaw was clenched, and how every bit of him seemed to be radiating tension. Something was about to happen-- Lee could tell that they could tell.

Fifteen minutes before he stepped onto the flight deck, Lee had been in CIC, signing paperwork. Major Gaeta had approached him, pulled him aside and related some scuttlebutt he'd recently picked up on. At first, Lee wanted to punch his XO's lights out for suggesting such a thing, but Gaeta was adamant that the rumor at least had enough merit that Lee, as father and not Commander, needed to address it.

So, he'd ordered the Communications Officer to signal Raptor Alpha to make a priority landing by the Commander's orders, and took the long, long walk out to the flight deck.

Lee waited near the lift that had brought his daughter's Raptor down from the landing deck. Hands behind his back and a small but curious crowd of deckhands milling around behind him, Lee kept still until Anne finished the power-down and the hatch hissed open. When Hera Agathon emerged behind Anne, Lee addressed her first.

"Cadet Agathon, you will complete the post-flight checklist for Raptor Alpha." His eyes then turned to his daughter. "Cadet Adama, you will follow me."

As much as Lee wanted to take this... discussion to their quarters, he just didn't have the patience.

"Lock the hatch," he ordered, as soon as he and Anne were in an unused tool room. Once the wheel had been turned, it took all of Lee's control not to explode.

"You have something to explain to me," he said through gritted teeth.

May 15th, 2008

Can't keep a secret...

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At the moment, Hera Agathon was mouth-frakking with Joseph Adama and it was very quickly going to turn into real frakking except for one small thing.

She couldn't stop thinking about Anne. Anne and Nicky. Anne and Nicky MARRIED.

She gently pushed Joseph away from her and wiped at her lips, blushing slightly. "Sorry." She sat up in the rack they were in, and looked at him with very serious eyes.

He didn't know. He couldn't know, not yet. But she'd promised her best friend that she wouldn't say anything...

"Joe," she started, "I can't do this. Not now. Not while there's this thing hanging over both of our heads." She looked away, hating herself because she knew she made absolutely no sense at all.

Thinking of Anne and Nicky married, she started playing with an imaginary ring around her own finger, and waited to see if Joe understood her or not.

((Open to Joe!))

April 22nd, 2008

If the Raptor's a-rocking?

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Nicky twisted his head, and winced at the cracking sound he got in return. He'd spent the better part of the last three hours twisted and folded, trying to get Raptor 32's portside landing strut to extend fully. It had also taken him five good minutes of scrubbing until his hands didn't stink of hydraulic fluid. So when he walked back out into the repair bay, he was not pleased to hear someone knocking around inside the Raptor's cabin.

"Hey!" he shouted. "I just finished fixing that bird, so if whatever the frak you're doing makes it fail inspection, we're gonna have some serious words."

When he didn't get an answer, Nicky grabbed the nearest wrench and stepped closer to the Raptor.

((Open to anyone))

April 5th, 2008

Time to Chill

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It had been a long day. A long day, spent running around the civilian camp before finalizing her travel plans to Colonial One for tomorrow. She'd finally accepted President Foster's invitation to interview for an internship position - a mere formality, she'd been assured, but it made her nervous all the same.

Now that she had some time to breathe, she was on her way down to the hangar deck. Even when it was bustling with activity, it was the calmest place she knew on this ship. Maybe it was because of all the time she spent here growing up, watching her dad work miracles on beyond repair Vipers and Raptors or waiting for her mom to get back from patrol.

Whatever the reason, she couldn't help but smile as she reached the upper catwalk, watching everyone milling around.

(open to whoever)

April 4th, 2008


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Hera saw the boots outside the door to the pilots' room, and waited. After a little while, she heard the turning of the hatch, and then two people came out looking very... happy. She quickly snuck inside and shut the door behind her, then found the top left rack and crawled inside it, smiling.

It was the one. The one that she and Joe (oh, it was Joe now, not Joseph, because he'd told her it had been okay to call him that), and this was where they'd... well.

She giggled a little bit, because it had been wonderful. Amazing. No, more than that, and then it hit her and she sat up quickly, bumping her head on the ceiling.

It had been wonderful because he'd known what to do, which meant he'd frakked someone else! Probably Paya, or, or... Hera's mind wandered to places she didn't want to go and she slid out of the rack, then moved quickly outside and shut the door behind her.

Who could she talk to?

Oh, that was easy. She ran all the way through the hallways of Galactica until she found the Adamas' quarters and knocked, praying that Joseph (it was back to Joseph now) wasn't there so she could talk to Anne.

((Open to Anne))

March 31st, 2008

[Inaugural Post]

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