Philosophy of Command

WHO: Sophie Cato & Thomas Burk
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon - Hanger Bay
WHEN: Evening hours, Y02/12/05

Polishing tools gave Sophie back only a measure of the peace that she’d lost in her encounter with the officer in the hall. Her fingers rubbed a cloth across a socket wrench furiously, working at the metal until she could see her face in it before she reached for another. It should have been rack time for Cato but the woman couldn’t sleep, uneasy as she felt for reasons she couldn’t explain.

Philosophy of Command )



WHO: Sophia Cato and Jilleen Simmons
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Not too long after Jill left James, Y02/12/05

The Avalon was good for one thing, in Sophie's opinion, and that was the ability to lose one's self inside of it.

She had spent weeks drifting through the lower decks, just another gearhead among gearheads. No one thought more of her than as simply part of the furniture--to the best of her supervisors, she was a useful tool but nothing more. There was a part of her that preferred this. The funeral of weeks ago was a painful blur, not because she had attended but because she had not. She remembered nothing of those days and when the other deckhands asked, Sophie simply said she'd been drunk.

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WHO: Darlene Wolff & Sophia Cato
WHEN: Morning Y2002, Dec 3, after Retribution
WHERE: the Avalon

She was first aware of her arms when she awoke, caught by something that she couldn't get free of. In the haze of waking, her first thoughts were of the quake and Sophia inhaled sharply, choking in air in a sudden panic. It was the stagnant scent of stale air and oil that reminded her of where she was as she coughed out the breath, her eyes snapping open as she struggled to pull herself up. Her feet slid a little on the Avalon floor as she moved them, not able to separate them.

She swallowed, her throat dry and painful as she looked across the floor. She had to figure out where she was and worse, how many other saboteurs were part of the plan.

She couldn't smell fire. She hoped that meant there was still time.



WHO: Darlene Wolff & Sophia Cato
WHEN: Evening Y2002, Dec 2
WHERE: Hanger Deck, Avalon

With the memorial service and flight formation looming for the Avalon crew, most of them were enjoying some downtime before the busiest day in many months hit them. It was therefore unsurprising that the deck was dim and empty – a fact of planning on one Darlene Wolff. She had used her relationship with the Death Angel’s squadron commander to get information about the coming day’s events. Callie, she was sorry about using her like this but Darla had a job to do and time was short.

Retribution )


First Flight

WHO: Sophia Cato and Tra Mitchel
WHEN: Y2002, Dec 1
WHERE: the hangar

All she could hear from the floor of the hangar was the slow hum of the Viper engine just above her. With a cautious thumb, she pressed against the metal that hid the reaction control systems from view. Just underneath was a massive cooling unit--or what should have been cooling--the Vipers ran a cold RCS to prevent the small frame from heating further still.

"Frak this," she muttered as she let her fingers thrum against the nose of the craft. "I should've been told about this a week ago. Not frakking now." It was later than it should have been but she picked up her wrench and began to work, the sound of metal against metal strangely comforting.