Nightmares and dreams

WHO: Tra Mitchel and NPC Admiral Burk
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Morning 06 Dec Y02

As the Viper passed one thousand feet the last fire warning light came to life. As it did the ships computer came on. "EJECT..EJECT...EJECT...EJECT..." The computerized voice repeated over and over.

Seeing the last light come on, Achillies knew he had seconds before the fuel ignited and the explosion spread him across the landscape, along with what was left of his Viper. Seeing a small, empty clearing to his left he decided to go for it. Rolling the Viper hard to the left he allowed the nose to point towards the ground. As the Viper picked up speed the right wing sheered off, spinning away from the now out of control Viper. Spinning towards the clearing Achillies watched the altimeter pass three hundred feet. Nothing more he could do now, time to go

"This is Achillies, I'm punching out" He shouted into the comm as he pulled the eject lever by his seat.

The lever came off in his hand with a loud snap. Looking at it with a macabre mixture of shock and horror Achillies knew this was it. His heart pounded against his chest as if it were trying to escape from him and the dyeing Viper. Looking out of the canopy he saw the ground spinning wildly towards him.


Nothing More Important

WHO: Callie Morgan, Kylie Morgan (NPC), NPC Neighbors
WHERE: Glenrock, Aerilon
WHEN: Morning 07 Dec Y02

Two parents dead, no family to take care of the little one; it was an easy choice for Callie Morgan. She couldn’t let her niece work through the pain of losing both parents’ to terrorism alone. Her request for reassignment was approved, her position of distinction in the fleet was coming to an end as she shipped out for soiled ground in Glenrock, Aerilon. Her niece was close to her, at least the last time they saw each other which was a good year or so ago, the young lady was idolizing her. She wondered if that would be the same now.

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The Price

WHO: Darlene Wolff, NPC Burnwood
WHERE: Burnwood, Caprica
WHEN: Morning 03 Dec Y02

To date, Darlene had never failed to deliver for her employers but most recently they had caused for concern as one of their top operatives failed to strike at a critical moment. Pressure from upstairs was mounting on her immediate employers since the failed bombing during the memorial service and questions were being voiced about her competence. Her superiors, feeling she was too detached from a watchful eye recalled her from Avalon, going through military channels so that it seemed she was being reassigned rather than just taking her off the map completely.

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The Scapegoat

WHO: Callie Morgan & Cole Taylor
WHERE: Pilot's Ready Room, Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Y2002 Dec 4 (Afternoon)

Frak that Achillies! Callie had heard the ship talk that Achilles ‘accident’ had caused a major incident which meant someone had to be held accountable. That thought was never more potent now as she stood in the pilot’s ready room waiting for the CAG. She knew what was coming but somehow she did not feel as worried about it as she thought she would.

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Fleet Alpha

From the dome observation deck over the Battlestar Galactica Memorial and War Museum a teenage boy who contemplated enlisting in the Colonial Forces after his high school graduation, looked beyond the old battlestar's hump of cold and silent engines. His rewarded was 4 instant white flashes that he quickly identified as Faster Than Light events, and saw 4 military type spacecraft materialize after the flashes disappeared.

He quickly rushed to one of the telescopic viewers at the edge of the reinforced glass where a visitor to the memorial could inspect half of the topside of the near mile long decommissioned battlestar from the outside. Excited by this rare opportunity, the boy fixed the telescope on to the flight, and identified them as Raptor Mark II's. They flew in close formation toward the Galactica.

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Dangerous Encounters

WHO: Callie Morgan
WHERE: Caprica Beach
WHEN: Mid-morning after "A need for speed"

Callie flew back down onto the bedding in a heated sweat, her breathing labored as she was joined by someone else, someone she had just met but it didn’t matter. She was itching for some relief and finally she was getting some. Her naked body contorted in pleasurable tone, her lips broke silence in soft moans of joy as she was treated to some finesse from crimson lips.

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