Looking Forward

WHO: Jon Randall & Blake Hayward
WHERE: Hayward’s Duty Locker, Avalon
WHEN: Morning 05 Dec Y02

The weeks of stress were at an end as the murder inquiry of Lt. Selwyn was officially closed when word was sent from Caprica that morning. It cleared command of any responsibility for breach of security while in maintenance dock over Caprica. Then the business of the ceremonial activities was finally out of the way. There was no fallout with the air accident on Tauron. Everything was good, and much improved Jon’s attitude. So when he buzzed the hatch to Blake’s quarter he was very cheerful.

Looking Forward )


Moving Up

WHO: James Chase & Jon Randell
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Morning 05 Dec Y02

The truth was it made him sick that his wife was having an affair. So much had changed in the last five years after his near death experience on the dusty street of a Sagittaron village. All he wanted was to prove he was able to command a special operation unit again. He had worked so hard to not only walk again, but to earn the right to command. Now he sat alone in his quarters, wondering if he made the right decision.

Moving up )


Get the job done

WHO: Jon Randell & Cole Taylor
WHERE: CAG's office, Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Y2002 Dec 4

By the grace of the Gods )


Set course to Tauron

WHO: Jon Randell & Thomas Burk
WHEN: Evening Y2002, Dec 1

Jon was looking up at the DRADIS screen over the command table in CIC when the wall of tempered glass panel doors rotated open. Rear Admiral Burk and the new CAG, Major Taylor, entered CIC between the doors from the passageway.

All hear this... )


Baby Blues

WHO: Blake Hayward & Jon Randell
WHERE: Infirmary
WHEN: Y2002, Nov 30

A month had past, a whole month since Blake had spoken to her mother who on their last meeting made her position quite clear about the pregnancy. It had destroyed her, their relationship and the only thing that kept the young doctor going was her baby of which was now showing.

Baby Blues )


A moment in history

WHO: Blake Hayward & Jon Randell
WHERE: Delphi Museum
WHEN: Day After "Bombshell"

Delphi was a city of history and the last stop on their recap through military history. Ever since they conspired to meet and spend time together during port leave, Jon and Blake had been inseparable. That was special, memorably and a lot of fun but since Blake’s conversation with Jill, there was only one thing running through her mind over and over.

A small glow sparked in the dimly lit room of the museum and was followed with a gust of smoke flooding from the mouth and nostrils of Blake Hayward. Blake wrapped her forefinger and middle finger around the filtered cigarette and retracted it from her lips, blowing a gust of air from them as she lowered her hand to the side of her. The museum had a policy of no smoking and therefore it was only expected for the other patrons being guided through the museum to look at her with a look of disgust. Blake gave a half glare and then turned to look around the museum waiting for Jon to arrive.

They had agreed to meet in the museum as one of their final stops of port leave together and Blake was a little early. She was anxious, very much so about the little news she had to drop on his lap. He was going to be a father. How would he react to that revelation?


Night Landing

Inside the rear cabin of a Colonial Forces Raptor, Colonel Randell sat back down in the ECO's chair after the flight crew informed him of their location. The daylight from the pilot's canopy had darken as they flew into the night side of Caprica.

He grabbed a black day pack. “Hey, catch this.” He threw it at Tra. “You will find a canteen of water, a half day's ration, pocket knife, a compass and map.” He had been silent for most of the flight and did not answer the pilot's questions he may have asked about returning to Avalon.

“Like I said before, I dislike unnecessary paperwork, but I can't quiet trust you will stay out of trouble for the remainder of our port of call. Do you know how much paperwork is involved to remove someone from the number two spot in a squadron and remove them from permanent flight status?”


Jail Break

WHO: Jon Randell and Tra Mitchel
WHERE: Caprica Beach – Police Station
WHEN: Mid-morning after THIS

“Yup, that's it,” Colonel Randell pointed on the computer tablet held by the female pilot wearing a flight suit next to the wing of the Raptor. “File a flight plan, Lieutenant.” he ordered and then started to walk away.

“Yes, sir.” relied the Raptor pilot.

A few steps later, Randell stopped and turned around. “Oh Lieutenant, one more thing.”

His way or paperwork? )



Colonel Jon Randell, the executive officer of the Battlestar Avalon for the last three months looked up at the DRADIS screen over the central command table in CIC of the Battlestar Galactica. The display graphics were similar to those on his own ship with the exception of the color and some minor details. The DRADIS sweeps were a mock up with Cylon basestars and of their raiders advancing on the battlestar.

No one from the Colonies had seen the Cylons in over 41 years after the Cimtar Peace Accord, the armistice that ended the last war. They had gone behind their side of the Armistice line to be never seen again. Good riddance as Jon would say. The Cylons had killed his parents in the last year of the war and made him an orphan when he was one year of age. He was six when distance relatives from Gemenon finally found him and took him away from Sagittaron. It was not an improvement, they treated him like property.

Jon blended in with the rest of the visitors to the Galactica Memorial, the battlestar had been decommissioned for over a year. He wore a brown leather jacket, black shirt, and denim pants. He stood at the command table fixed on the DRADIS screen as it cycled through the attack simulation. It was educational to say the least.