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Saying Good-bye

Who: Jake Mackenzie & Jilleen Simmons
Where: Ft. Iwo, Sagittaron
When: Before this

“Chamber, I found one more for you. He should be with me shortly,” said Jilleen into a hand-held 2-way wireless. "He’s raptor qualified and can command that spare raptor.”

“That’s great Sheba. I’ll wait to begin the briefing when you two get here,” said Captain Chamberlain, the flight leader for the Headquarters’ raptor unit.

“No, if we don’t show up in five minutes begin without us. I’ll get him up to speed on the way,” she said outside the door way.

“Very well, see you when you get here.”

Leaving Sagittaron )


An aide

Who: Jilleen Simmons
Where: Over Tauron
When: After leaving Avalon, Y02/12/05

Three raptor strike crafts made up Vice Admiral Pierce’s entourage. Jilleen was in the same raptor as the Admiral, while the other two raptors flew with the support staff and crew. Pierce had finished giving her instructions and list of things he wanted to get done in the short time period they had on Tauron.

An aide )


WHO: Jilleen Simmons & Jake Mackenzie
WHERE: Tauron Military Academy, Gladius Cross, Tauron.
WHEN: Morning Y02/12/06 Day of Mars

Running into Jilleen here on a day like this...had to be fate. )



WHO: Sophia Cato and Jilleen Simmons
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Not too long after Jill left James, Y02/12/05

The Avalon was good for one thing, in Sophie's opinion, and that was the ability to lose one's self inside of it.

She had spent weeks drifting through the lower decks, just another gearhead among gearheads. No one thought more of her than as simply part of the furniture--to the best of her supervisors, she was a useful tool but nothing more. There was a part of her that preferred this. The funeral of weeks ago was a painful blur, not because she had attended but because she had not. She remembered nothing of those days and when the other deckhands asked, Sophie simply said she'd been drunk.

Clipped  )


Tension and release

WHO: Jilleen Simmons & James Chase
WHERE: His quarters after the pinning ceremony.
WHEN: After the pinning ceremony, Y02/12/05

“Thank you, sir.” James shook the Admiral Pierce’s hand. “And it’s was honor to have you administrate the oath.”

“My pleasure, Major, anytime,” said the Admiral. “The fleet could use more high-caliber officers, such as yourself and your wife. “

Tension and release )


Hello, Goodbye

WHO: Blake Hayward & Jilleen Simmons
WHERE: Flight Surgeon's Office, Avalon
WHEN: 1100hrs 12-05-Y02

Jilleen made a side trip on her way to her husband’s pinning ceremony. In all the time she had been aboard she had not seen her friend Blake. On the first day, Blake had been unavailable, and now that Jilleen’s time on the ship was near its end she rushed to catch her.

Time for only a gift )



WHO: Elihu Ramai & Jilleen Simmons
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Morning hours of 5 Dec Y02

In quarters A-12 for visitors where up to six people could be accommodated, Jilleen sat alone at the center table between the bunks. She talked to a small camera attached to the screen on her laptop. “I’m at a lost Jenny,” she said to her sister addressed in the video letter. “It’s my entire fault. I should have left him years ago. If it wasn’t for what had happened to him on Sagittaron, I would have done it. Except now the timing could not have come at the worst time with Robby in office. Why does Aerilon have to be so backwards sometimes?” She paused to rub her forehead. “If I was from Caprica no one would think twice that I was a divorcee.”

Have it and eat it too  )


First time

WHO: Jilleen Simmons & James Chase
WHERE: Battlestar Altantia
WHEN:  September Y1993 (Backstory)


Jilleen was reading an adventure-fantasy novel about a Leonisan heroine who hunts down vampires during the Imperial Age when she heard someone say her call sign. She looked up and found a pilot in his flight suit, looking down at her. She did not recognize him from her air wing aboard Atlantia. He was a grade in rank higher than her, but the use of her call sign was an invitation to be informal.

There is always a beginning )


Fall Out

WHO: Jilleen Simmons & James Chase
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Evening 04-12-Y02

After she opened the door, Jilleen stepped inside her husband’s semi-private quarters. “James?” she called out his name thinking he was sleeping behind the privacy curtains of his bunk. There was no answer. She closed the door behind her, and walked over to the bunk and opened the curtains. The bunk was empty. It was a relief. She had a little bit more time.

Worried )


Hero of the day...

WHO: Jilleen Simmons and Tra Mitchel
WHERE: Battlestar Pacifica
WHEN: Evening 04 Dec

Tra sat uncomfortably in the back of Raptor 275. He pulled at the neck his dress uniform, no longer accustom to its feel. Standing as best as he could in the cramped Raptor he walked forward and looked out the cockpit window at the rapidly approaching Battlestar Pacifica. It was strange to think that an hour ago he had been sitting in the Mess hall with Mila, working on their shattered relationship when he was ordered to get into his dress uniform and report to the flight line. Now he was in this Raptor, invited to a party with the big brass.


First Captain Social

WHO: Jilleen Simmons
WHERE: Battlestar Pacifica
WHEN: Evening 04 Dec

“If you can make it happen, I would consider it a personal favor,” said Jilleen to an assistant military professor from Tauron Military Academy. “And the Admiral doesn’t forget his supporters.”

“Consider it done Jill, from one First Captain to another,” said the Major, who was Cadet Commander during Jilleen’s plebe year. Cadet Commanders were commonly referred to as First Captain by the cadet corps. They shook hands on the deal. “Timí̱ Pró̱ta.”

“Honor first,” she repeated the Old Academy’s motto in Caprican.

Top of their class )


Long Distance

WHO: Jilleen Simmons and James Chase
WHERE: Hanger Deck Delta, Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Y02 04 12

She heard the gears lock, and then she immediately pressed the large button on the panel with her palm. The Raptor main hatch popped open releasing access air pressure with a whoosh, the hatch then lifted up. She glanced at the back of Lt. Ramai’s head for a brief second, and then at the ECO. “I’m outta here, see you later guys.” Jilleen did not wait for the hatch to fully open before she ducked and stepped out.

...not very good at it )


Funeral service flyover

WHO: Lt Tra "Achillies" Mitchel and open
WHERE: The funeral service flyover being held in Tiberine
WHEN: Y2002 Dec 4

Achillies listened to the high pitched whine of his engines as he sat in the cockpit of his Viper. Over the past few days he had checked and double checked every Vipers in the squadron as per Call Girl's orders. All had been brought up to spec, thanks to some inventive bribery. He knew that they had been at odds from the moment he had transferred in from the Vampires and he was trying to work on that. Sliding in close to the next Viper, he could see the pilot doing the same things he was. Checking the flight path, keeping the formation spacing perfect and just enjoying the flight.


Paying Respects

WHO: Jilleen Simmons and Elihu Ramai
WHERE: The Airfield
WHEN: 04 12 Y02

“Frak, what an unbelievable day and its only started,” Jilleen said as she walked up to a tall officer with dark hair. “So when did you guys fly in?” Jilleen straighten the leather sash on her dress grey uniform tunic. She also wore a pair of black gloves out of respect for the fallen leader and Tauron tradition.

Her day started early aboard the Avalon where she stayed in hopes of spending some quality time with her husband but they both had separate schedules. She wasted nearly a full day on a battlestar waiting to see James who did not return to the ship until late. It was safe to say she was disappointed with the two hours they shared. Half the time they argued. She was tired from her journey and he was tired from the endless hours of meetings.

At the airfield at Gladius Cross, she met with members of delegations from Sagittaron and other colonies that all were on their way to pay their final respects. The prime minister was going to be buried in his home town of Tiberius which was twelve miles from the airfield.

Theoί gia na ta evlogeί. )


Baby acceptance

WHO: Blake Hayward, NPC Infirmary Nurse & Jilleen Simmons via email
WHEN: Y2002 Dec 2, Evening
WHERE: Avalon

Blake sat on the bed looking out at nothing; thinking about everything; her child, her relationship, her family. It was and is a giant mess with regret mounting with each moment. Her eyes caught the movement of medical staff; working away on the injured and sick; what was her job. She had to accept that going forward her duties would be restricted. Perhaps her career was the sacrifice for this little miracle growing inside.

Acceptance )

Once she returned to her quarters free from her shift in the infirmary; Blake went to work in replying to emails which she had fallen behind in over the past couple of days.

Emails )



WHO: Jilleen Simmons & James Chase & Blake via email
: Colonial Expeditionary Forces HQ, Tawa, Sagittaron
WHEN: 1130hrs 02 12 Y02

In the hallway of the Expeditionary Forces Headquarters, Captain Simmons walked with Admiral Pierce’s chief of staff, Commander Kraus, to discuss the admiral’s schedule. Forces command was hectic in the last few days since the terrorist attack on Tauron that directly affected Sagittarians. They had lost an effective leader who had managed to keep the traditionally fractured Colony together since the last crisis.

On behalf of the Admiral )

After a couple of hours of finalizing her transportation and packing for the trip she sent emails.

Email Messages )


Time for some rest

WHO: Milena Wallace and open
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Y2002 Dec 3

Mila sat alone in the cramped Intel office on the Battlestar Avaon. It had been several weeks sense she had reported in and assumed her duties as an Intel officer. She had settled into her routine on board but two things seemed to haunt her, even as she looked over the latest Intel about what had happened on Tauron. The first was the presence of Tra Mitchel. She had thought she was over him. The second was the death of Darcy Selwyn, her first friend on the ship.

"Hay Mila, you've put in the hours. Why don't you get some rest. Believe me, this will all be here when you get back." Captain Franks said as he looked over her reports.

"OK sir, but I just want to finish going over these reports from.." She said, not allowed to finish.

"You're one of my best annalists lieutenant, but you're going to be no good to me if you burn out. Now go and get some rest. That's an order." Captain Franks said

"Yes sir" Mila said as she walked out the hatch into the corridor.


It begins

WHO: Captain Jilleen Simmons
WHEN: Y2002 Nov 29
WHERE: 1st CEF Command Headquarters, Tawa, Saggittaron

“That will be all, Captain.” The admiral dismissed his aide before he started his meeting with his ground commanders in the conference room.

Read more... )


No going back

WHO: Jilleen Simmons and Darlene Wolff
WHERE: Caprica City, Caprica
WHEN: During Admiral Nagala's retirement party.

Capricans were always the best at extravagant cocktail parties, and the there was no difference in the military as the Caprica Fleet Commander hosted an event to honor the retirement of Admiral Nagala, Chairman of the Joint Fleets of the Colonial Forces. There were over a thousand people in the grand ball room, most of them wearing Colonial Dress Gray uniforms. Jilleen wore her tailored fitted Dress gray with a white aiguillettes over her left shoulder, to signify that she was an aide-de-camp to one of the Fleet’s flag officers. She was speaking with another officer who was also wearing a white aiguillettes.

“He enjoys skeet shooting on the weekends rather than chasing a little white ball on manicured lanes of turf. So when one of the local ground commander’s invited him to a driving range on the coast to hit some golf balls, the Admiral had me bring his shotguns. I felt sorry for the Colonel when the Admiral had him hit his little white balls down range, while the Admiral tried to shoot them out of the sky with his shotguns. Everyone on the staff got a chance to do the same while the Colonel launched balls into the air. It was good fun.” She smiled and then took a sip of her drink, while the other officer laughed.

It's in the hands of the Gods )


In the News

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