Raptor FR

Who: James Chase
Where: Outside the perimeter of Avalon's strike group.
When: When FORCECOM arrived. 

In the cockpit of the newest variant of the Raptor for special operations, he turned the nob on the console to increase the range on the DRADIS sweep. Rather than sit and wait on the battlestar for new orders, James had took it upon himself to personally oversee the ungraded raptor they received a few days ago was combat ready. The advanced DRADIS array had to be calibrated. “There we go. It looks much better. Have Avalon confirm our distance.”

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Tension and release

WHO: Jilleen Simmons & James Chase
WHERE: His quarters after the pinning ceremony.
WHEN: After the pinning ceremony, Y02/12/05

“Thank you, sir.” James shook the Admiral Pierce’s hand. “And it’s was honor to have you administrate the oath.”

“My pleasure, Major, anytime,” said the Admiral. “The fleet could use more high-caliber officers, such as yourself and your wife. “

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First time

WHO: Jilleen Simmons & James Chase
WHERE: Battlestar Altantia
WHEN:  September Y1993 (Backstory)


Jilleen was reading an adventure-fantasy novel about a Leonisan heroine who hunts down vampires during the Imperial Age when she heard someone say her call sign. She looked up and found a pilot in his flight suit, looking down at her. She did not recognize him from her air wing aboard Atlantia. He was a grade in rank higher than her, but the use of her call sign was an invitation to be informal.

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Moving Up

WHO: James Chase & Jon Randell
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Morning 05 Dec Y02

The truth was it made him sick that his wife was having an affair. So much had changed in the last five years after his near death experience on the dusty street of a Sagittaron village. All he wanted was to prove he was able to command a special operation unit again. He had worked so hard to not only walk again, but to earn the right to command. Now he sat alone in his quarters, wondering if he made the right decision.

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Fall Out

WHO: Jilleen Simmons & James Chase
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Evening 04-12-Y02

After she opened the door, Jilleen stepped inside her husband’s semi-private quarters. “James?” she called out his name thinking he was sleeping behind the privacy curtains of his bunk. There was no answer. She closed the door behind her, and walked over to the bunk and opened the curtains. The bunk was empty. It was a relief. She had a little bit more time.

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WHO: James Chase & Elihu Ramai
WHERE: Mess Galley, Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Evening  04 Dec Y02
Dinner plans with his wife was cancelled at the last minute. Pierce and Burk went over to the Battlestar Pacifica for a dinner meeting and Jilleen had to go with them. It left James alone to go grab a bite to eat at the mess. His crew already had dinner earlier.

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Long Distance

WHO: Jilleen Simmons and James Chase
WHERE: Hanger Deck Delta, Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Y02 04 12

She heard the gears lock, and then she immediately pressed the large button on the panel with her palm. The Raptor main hatch popped open releasing access air pressure with a whoosh, the hatch then lifted up. She glanced at the back of Lt. Ramai’s head for a brief second, and then at the ECO. “I’m outta here, see you later guys.” Jilleen did not wait for the hatch to fully open before she ducked and stepped out.

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WHO: James Chase & Rosemarie Shayl
WHERE: Battlestar Pegasus, orbit above Tauron
WHEN: 1430hrs 03 12 Y02

On one of the hanger decks of the Battlestar Pegasus, Captain Chase wearing his blue service uniform walked quickly toward one of Avalon’s raptors that shuttled him over for the meetings. He saw the young raptor pilot at the hatch of the plane. “Cupcake, I’m sorry but we have a change in the flight plan. We’re not returning to Avalon.” He said once he was that edge of the wing.

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WHO: Jilleen Simmons & James Chase & Blake via email
: Colonial Expeditionary Forces HQ, Tawa, Sagittaron
WHEN: 1130hrs 02 12 Y02

In the hallway of the Expeditionary Forces Headquarters, Captain Simmons walked with Admiral Pierce’s chief of staff, Commander Kraus, to discuss the admiral’s schedule. Forces command was hectic in the last few days since the terrorist attack on Tauron that directly affected Sagittarians. They had lost an effective leader who had managed to keep the traditionally fractured Colony together since the last crisis.

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After a couple of hours of finalizing her transportation and packing for the trip she sent emails.

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Another Day in Paradise...

WHO: Lt (jg). Nate West (OPEN)
WHEN: Y2002, Dec 1
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon's Brig

He woke up with an angry grunt and a vague groan. His mouth was sticky and tasted as though something small and furry had died inside. Nate considered, for a second, the idea of opening his eyes but at the dull and constant thud of his own brain trying the escape the confines of his skull, he reconsidered. He took a deep breath, trying to gather his memories and shake off the haziness of passing out in a drunken stupor.

He couldn't remember a frakking thing about last night. Well, at least not most of last night. There was whiskey, that's for sure. He had his eye on a few of the foxier lady jocks that night and more than a few of the lady knuckle-draggers seemed to always have engine grease in all the right spots. Still, he didn't remember punching anyone and his jaw didn't hurt. So either he gave real good last night, or something else had gone south. Hell, maybe the CAG just got tired of his mouth.

His head pounded as he tried to recall the events in question and he slowly rose to his feet, clutching the throbbing thing in his head as he stumbled across the cell and leaned against the bars. The marine on duty gave him a mirthless smirk and Nate replied with an equally angry smile.

After a moment, he took his head out of his hands and tried to talk. He had to think long and hard about his words and when they finally came out, they seemed louder than he'd expected.

"Coffee?" he muttered.

The marine just continued to give him a kind of mild neglect. Turning away, Nate collapsed onto the small, thin rack and hoped to the gods that he could just sleep it off. Unfortunately, sleep was kept at bay by his pounding head.


Almost like old times

WHO: Jilleen Simmons, Jake Mackenzie, James Chase
WHERE: Her apartment in Athens Park, Caprica
WHEN: Toward the end of the Avalon's liberty call.

"Where are you James?" she said to herself before she pressed call on her phone. Her husband went to the market to get some steaks and a few more things to grill out in the patio. He should have been back by now. Jilleen had to take a last-minute conference call with the chief of staff for Admiral Pierce who arrived on Caprica this morning for the Quorum hearings in two days.

She heard the sound of his ringtone in the other room. "James are you here?" She walked into his den and saw the blue glow of his phone on the desk, but James was nowhere to be found. He left for the market without his phone. She believed that had been his intention, no doubt. He knew she did not want to meet Jake alone when he arrived, but he had argued it would be best if she did. Part of her agreed with him, but she was nervous to see Bridget's widower.

Jilleen waited on the phone to leave a voice message. "Asshole," she said into the mic and then pressed the end call button. She was not furious with him, just did not like being set up.

Jake had to admit to a trace of nervousness at seeing Jill again, the first time since the public memorial service for Bridget and her family after they'd been killed by that frakking drunk. She'd been pretty clear in her silence afterward that she wasn't interested in keeping their friendship alive.

Maybe it had just been too much for her, Jake had theorized at the time. Jill had known Bridget since they'd been young girls after all, and they'd been very close friends. He chuckled to himself at the memory of how horrified she'd been when he'd started dating Bridget. She'd loosened up eventually, but he had to laugh about it now.

He rang the doorbell and waited for James or Jilleen to open it.

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A Stroll Home

WHO: James Chase and Jilleen Simmons
WHERE: Caprica City, Caprica
WHEN: Hours after the Charity Event

"Jim catch you next time," he shook the host's hand with a strong grip.

"Yo tak'car of Jill, ya hear," replied the overweight and balding media executive for one of the Colony's premium publishing companies. Jim's thick Lower Leonis accent was strong after a few drinks.

"You bet." James glided his hand on Jill's lower back as she said her good byes to Jim's wife, and then wrapped his arm around her waist, to urge her that it was time to leave. They shared a non-verbal system of communication as a married couple. The little pull of his hand on her waist, told her that he wanted to leave and he had enough of socializing tonight.

It had been a big adjustment for him after they been together for a while to keep up with her social networking. It was fun the first couple of years but the constant stream of small talk and being on his best behavior became too much for him. Special Forces training was easier than the politics involved in Jill's social network. It even strain their marriage until they were able to come to a compromise. He simply wanted some quiet time on his days off from work, and she always wanted to do an activity, but somehow they had found a middle ground.

Jilleen had spent nearly her entire life socializing. He did not. They were opposites in that regard.

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Charity Evening

WHO: Jilleen Simmons and James Chase
WHERE: Caprica City, Caprica
WHEN; During AVALON's visit to Caprica

She squeezed her husband's hand.

The light instrumental music played in the background was mostly drowned out by the chatter of people speaking to each other at the tables as the last of the desserts were served. Jilleen wearing a black silky evening gown sat next to her handsome husband who wore a smart black suit and tie.

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New Direction

WHO: James Chase & Jilleen Simmons
WHERE: Their Townhouse, Caprica City
WHEN: Early Morning, the day after starting liberty.

James Chase watched as the dawn light appeared over Caprica City's skyline from his bedroom balcony of the townhouse that he shared with his wife, Jilleen Simmons. He sat alone at with a tall glass of orange juice on the balcony table as he listened to the chirping birds below in the trees of the city park.

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