Saying Good-bye

Who: Jake Mackenzie & Jilleen Simmons
Where: Ft. Iwo, Sagittaron
When: Before this

“Chamber, I found one more for you. He should be with me shortly,” said Jilleen into a hand-held 2-way wireless. "He’s raptor qualified and can command that spare raptor.”

“That’s great Sheba. I’ll wait to begin the briefing when you two get here,” said Captain Chamberlain, the flight leader for the Headquarters’ raptor unit.

“No, if we don’t show up in five minutes begin without us. I’ll get him up to speed on the way,” she said outside the door way.

“Very well, see you when you get here.”

Leaving Sagittaron )


WHO: Jilleen Simmons & Jake Mackenzie
WHERE: Tauron Military Academy, Gladius Cross, Tauron.
WHEN: Morning Y02/12/06 Day of Mars

Running into Jilleen here on a day like this...had to be fate. )


Almost like old times

WHO: Jilleen Simmons, Jake Mackenzie, James Chase
WHERE: Her apartment in Athens Park, Caprica
WHEN: Toward the end of the Avalon's liberty call.

"Where are you James?" she said to herself before she pressed call on her phone. Her husband went to the market to get some steaks and a few more things to grill out in the patio. He should have been back by now. Jilleen had to take a last-minute conference call with the chief of staff for Admiral Pierce who arrived on Caprica this morning for the Quorum hearings in two days.

She heard the sound of his ringtone in the other room. "James are you here?" She walked into his den and saw the blue glow of his phone on the desk, but James was nowhere to be found. He left for the market without his phone. She believed that had been his intention, no doubt. He knew she did not want to meet Jake alone when he arrived, but he had argued it would be best if she did. Part of her agreed with him, but she was nervous to see Bridget's widower.

Jilleen waited on the phone to leave a voice message. "Asshole," she said into the mic and then pressed the end call button. She was not furious with him, just did not like being set up.

Jake had to admit to a trace of nervousness at seeing Jill again, the first time since the public memorial service for Bridget and her family after they'd been killed by that frakking drunk. She'd been pretty clear in her silence afterward that she wasn't interested in keeping their friendship alive.

Maybe it had just been too much for her, Jake had theorized at the time. Jill had known Bridget since they'd been young girls after all, and they'd been very close friends. He chuckled to himself at the memory of how horrified she'd been when he'd started dating Bridget. She'd loosened up eventually, but he had to laugh about it now.

He rang the doorbell and waited for James or Jilleen to open it.

It's been a while )


Message for Major Jake Mackenzie

From the white leather couch in the living room of her apartment, Jilleen proof read the message she wrote on the e-tablet. A message she neglected to send to an old friend when he first arrived to Caprica over a day ago. She made a load of excuses over the last few months why she should not write to him. Jilleen known him for years, and even considered him a friend long before he married her best great friend.

James had said it to her that morning before he left for Delphi. “Jill, talk to him. Jake loved Bridget as much as you loved her. Don't let her death, split apart the two people she loved back.” As usual, James clarity of vision helped her again.