Two Cats, One Queen

WHO: Callie Morgan, Darlene Wolff & NPC’s
WHERE: Caprica Aviation School Hanger
WHEN: Night 12 May Y1997 (Backstory)

Thump, another body falls down on the canvas as the fans cheer for the victor of the ring. A brown haired woman leaned against the ropes, head covered with protective gear and hands suitably gloved as she caught her breath from the last match. Second on the trot, there was no stopping the Queen of the ring and while she wasn’t a savage that lived for bloody sports, she had to admit to enjoying the attention. She panted for some air as the cheers sung round “Callie, Callie, CALLIE!”

No Tame Catfight )


First time

WHO: Jilleen Simmons & James Chase
WHERE: Battlestar Altantia
WHEN:  September Y1993 (Backstory)


Jilleen was reading an adventure-fantasy novel about a Leonisan heroine who hunts down vampires during the Imperial Age when she heard someone say her call sign. She looked up and found a pilot in his flight suit, looking down at her. She did not recognize him from her air wing aboard Atlantia. He was a grade in rank higher than her, but the use of her call sign was an invitation to be informal.

There is always a beginning )