On Ice

Who: Jilleen Simmons, [TBD]
Where: Persephone Highlands, Aerilon
When: After escaping from Sagittaron

“Krypter! Krypter! Kypter! Colonial Raptor Four Six Constellation declaring emergency. Engine troubles, attempting to land. Anybody out there, over?” Jilleen called over the wireless on the emergency channel while Elihu prepared to land the plane onto a snow covered field. She had no idea that the communication antenna was gone from the raptor. The navigation computer had been haywire while searching for a plot and bearing signal.

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Two plus one

WHO: Callie Morgan, Collin Ives, and introducing Lisa Houdina
WHERE: Lisa's extended stay hotel room, Glenrock, Aerilon
WHEN: The night after Jing Jing
Morning (local time) Y02/12/07

Eyes slowly opened, breaking through the haze as surroundings felt foreign. Callie started to move, to sit up but paused, reaching out a hand for her head, groaning at the pain as her head was throbbing. Biting back the agony, she pushed her rough dark hair back and propped herself up towards a seated position, deciding to take it slow until the room, wherever it was stopped spinning.

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Moo the cow said

While tossing a bale of hay off the bed of his pick-up truck the sound of a single engine prop plane overhead caught his attention. Colin looked up to see the small red plane fly above the field to the east. From his vantage point on the ground, it looked like the plane itself was flying toward the setting ringed sphere of Ragnar, Aerilon’s guardian in the sky, on the horizon. It took his mind back to another day long gone.

WHO: Colin Ives
WHERE: Bee Lucky Ranch, Aerilon / Caprica
WHEN: 12-5-Y02 / march Y97 (backstory)

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