May. 1st, 2009


Grand Avenue

"Armistice Station? I think not. I rather slit my own throat than be assigned to that post," Jilleen shook her head and then looked back at her brother. She caught a glimpse of the city park as the limousine they were in continued down the avenue. "Anyway why would I want to sit on my ass waiting to talk to a toaster that never shows. I doubt we'll ever see a Cylon ever again."

"I would not share that view of the Cylons with Dad. As a matter of fact, don't share that with anyone in the press, they would have a field day if they knew my little sister thought that the Cylons were no longer a threat. Some might think you're soft on defense."

Future past )

Mar. 24th, 2009


Already, flight school felt like a dream. Rosie had escaped with her sanity mostly intact, or at least she thought she had, but her assignment to Avalon had been surreal at best. It seemed a pretty short interval between her standing on this flight deck praying to the gods that Captain Simmons didn't bitch slap her down to galley-duty and watching open-mouthed as that weirdo West let go the biggest round of insubordination she'd heard since Day One at the Academy. It hadn't seemed like a bad idea to talk to a cute, slightly unhinged, and possibly dangerous guy.

That was before fate had laughed in her face and her assignment to Avalon had been put into her hands. Even after a week on duty aboard the battlestar, everything still felt just plain weird.

She and her ECO were running through their pre-flights now, still on-world at the Aerilon Fleet Academy (where she'd spent all too much of the past four years) with their decidedly strange cargo of the Colonies' Surgeon General, whose business on Avalon Rosie couldn't really cipher. Not that it mattered. From dreams of heroics to taxi driver in just a week. She had to admit she'd expected her excitement to last a little bit longer.

"Tower, Raptor three-one-niner requesting clearance," said her ECO into his headset. He was around eight years Rosie's senior, he'd gone to officer training school, the whole nine yards. He had experience on her that was almost embarrassing, but as long as they were in the raptor, she was the boss. That too was surreal.

"Are you comfortable, Dr. Zoticus?" Rosie asked the Surgeon General, more to fill the silence than anything else.

"Quite, thank you," he replied, fidgeting slightly in the manner of someone unused to sitting in a raptor.

"Raptor three-one-niner, you are cleared for take off," said her headset.

"Thanks," said her ECO.

"You ready to go, Doc?" Rosie called over her shoulder, even as she spun up the engines. Dr. Zoticus responded with a weak nod.

"Alrighty, Cupcake, let's hit it," said ECO with a wicked sort of grin. Rosie hoped she'd get to fly with him again, he seemed like a pretty good guy. And with that, she juiced the engines and they took off in earnest, leaving Aerilon's green and simple features shrinking quickly behind them.

Dec. 15th, 2008


Father's Daughter

30 Days before the decommissioning of Galactica – Colony of Aerilon.

“Thank you so very much that was kind of you, Mister Weatherspoon,” Jilleen reached for his outreached hand with both of hers for a two-handed shake. Mr. Weatherspoon was an old friend of her father. “Mother would have been so pleased with your gift to the foundation.”

“Your mother’s commitment to the environment had given us a worthy cause in preserving Aerilon’s wild lands for future generations. I’m happy to be of service, Miss Simmons.” The gray hair gentleman in a black tuxedo placed his free hand on top hers for a gentle pat, before letting go of the handshake.

“Yes it is a worthy cause,” said Jilleen who wore a soft blue formal gown for the fundraising charity party. “You know my brother is committed as much as my mother was to the environment and that will be reflected in his policies if he is elected.” She noticed Mr. Weatherspoon gaze had drift beyond her and then she felt a hand on her shoulder.

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