March 2008


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Mar. 29th, 2008


I'm just going to go through all these backward so people can get a look in to see what our group is like. ...We use host for the body's original/main controller...though her name is Emmy. Though host isn't really the best word, it's the one we use. She might as well be our headspace-landlord most of the time.

[info]multiplemonday from 3/24/08, but written for the weekend of 3/29/08
1) Who has the most difficulty fronting?
Generally, it's Aeslyn. She'll come up front, but she doesn't ever want to talk to people. She'll only front with a partner or two. A lot of the times she's absolutely terrified of people. Partly that's because before she came here she didn't really know love and friendship at all. She was forced into being a surrogate son at a very young age and then forced into the role of marriageable heir. Later she killed her father and then her village. Her only family is Zetsu, who she basically considers the closest thing to a father figure, but if anything Zetsu taught her to be self-sufficient. She doesn't know what to do around people.

Generally her fear of people tends to make her the best substitute for the host, who also gets terrified of being around people. But, it often ends up with running away or tucking away in a corner of the room. The only difference between the two is that she draws while the host writes.

2) What is the most difficult daily chore to do and who usually does it?
....we don't really have daily chores. The most difficult chore is going to school in the mornings. Rei usually drags us in.

3) Who has the most difficulty interacting with people outside the household/system and why?
Again, it's Aeslyn, for the same answers listed in 1.

4) Who has the most difficulty getting motivated?
Ritsuka. He's extremely apathetic about a lot of things. He just does stuff as asked because it's necessary. Of course this means my memory logs as the memory keeper tend to get vague when he's up front.

5) What is the most difficult thing you have to do this week and who will most likely do it?
our project for Java programming. It's likely Rei and the host will work on it together and Rei will front to turn it in.