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    Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
    10:39 am
    Irontail wants you to swap with me
    ...particularly since I just added a few more things to my sale-and-swap-list -- more Lupercalia and Novel Ideas decants, as well as a Hunter Moon ringer tee.
    I've still got Door 13 and Snowblind available, and I'm still swapping my stuff for your donations to charity.

    Hey, it was more productive than putting Peeps in the microwave.
    Sunday, March 16th, 2008
    1:35 pm
    Swap with me, I'm one-eighth Irish!
    ...and I just added a few more items to my sale-and-swaplist, including Bakeneko, Door 13, Roux-Ga-Roux, and some of the Lupercalia/Novel Ideas scents.

    I'm still swapping my stuff for your donations to charity, also.

    Enjoy your green latte.
    Saturday, March 8th, 2008
    6:05 pm
    Hey kids, let's procrastinate on handfasting planning!
    ...also known as bumping my swap-and-sale post to add a bunch of items, including Cheshire Moon, Flower Moon, Frost Moon, and Snowblind.

    In addition to the usual types of transactions, I continue to swap my stuff for your donations to charity.
    Tuesday, February 12th, 2008
    9:47 pm
    Feb. 17 San Jose meetup, call the last
    Just bumpin' before I see everybody this weekend -- I've confirmed the catering order (coffee and tea service, a big fruit & cheese platter, and "breakfast breads with butter and preserves", which sounds intriguing...)

    And my box of scents was successfully delivered to the hotel today (I shipped it via UPS -- no way I was trusting that stuff to the screeners at the airport).

    I'm going to have very limited online time from Wednesday onwards; so if you need my cellphone number to help find us on Sunday, speak now and I'll email it!
    Monday, January 28th, 2008
    9:12 pm
    Pantheacon (San Jose, CA) meet 'n' sniff update
    All right, the people have spoken and this meetup will be on Sunday, February 17th, from noon to 3pm.

    For those of you just coming to the meetup and not attending the con itself: the Doubletree San Jose is at 2050 Gateway Place, near the intersection of Airport Parkway and Guadalupe Parkway. This is the hotel's website.

    I'm also deciding on which LEs I'm going to bring to the West Coast for testing -- right now, it's looking like: )

    Plus all the stuff in my (rather large) swap pile, and a lot of frimps. Also plus the party favors mentioned previously.

    If there's anything else you'd be particularly interested in testing, let me know and maybe I have it!
    Thursday, January 10th, 2008
    6:38 am
    New Hope / Philly meet 'n' sniff (not an East Coast Will Call) -- now in the planning stages
    I was asked to mention that some of the folks on the forum are planning a meetup in either New Hope, PA, or in Philadelphia -- for those who can't make it to ECWC, or who'd just like to hang out with their fellow BPALers at a different time.

    The forum thread is here.
    If you're not a forum member, you can email alideld [at] yahoo [dot] com or berkana [at] fastmail [dot] fm for the current details.
    Tuesday, January 1st, 2008
    9:28 pm
    Pantheacon meet 'n' sniff, progress report
    Here's the latest on my cunning plan to hold a BPAL meetup at this year's Pantheacon (a pagan gathering in San Jose, CA, in mid-February).

    So far it sounds like the most popular timeslots would be either:

    - Saturday, 2/16, midafternoon, like 2:30pm to 5:30pm, or something?
    - Sunday, 2/17, brunch, maybe 12 noon to 3pm

    Let me know which one works best! ...Also, I've just ordered a few special party favors (muah hah hah), in addition to the free food & free caffeine.

    And, I think I'll bring my imp of Fruitcake for sniffing -- this presuming the airline doesn't confiscate, or lose, it.
    1:02 pm
    First bump of 2008, sorry
    ...but I thought I'd let you know that I've added some BPTP massage oil decants to my sale-and-swap post -- which also includes Lab imps of many of the recently discontinued scents, in case you wanted to try them before January 24.

    I'm very open to swapping LEs for (a larger quantity of) GC's, or for other e-tailer product.
    Also, I continue to swap my stuff for your donations to your favorite charity.
    Sunday, December 30th, 2007
    5:56 pm
    Oh, and this meetup I'm organizing (in the Bay Area in February)
    I'd like to make this year's Pantheacon meetup a bit bigger... more on the room party side of things, with refreshments, lots of frimps and things to swap, and maybe some BPTP items to give away, too. (Also, the nice thing about a room party is, people don't have to actually register for the con in order to attend...)

    The con happens in San Jose, CA, in mid-February. Bay Area folks, what would you like to see? Any suggestions?
    As of right now, we're leaning towards having this event as a Sunday brunch, or else a Saturday afternoon get-together.

    Cross-posting to, the BPAL Tribe, and some of the LJ comms.
    4:33 pm
    Might as well post my sale-and-swaplist here, too
    ETA: Full bottles now capped at $10, full LE decants now capped at $1. New apt has less storage space, so let's get this stuff outta here...

    I'm interested in swapping (for BPAL, Trading Post or TAL stuff) or bartering (for bath/body products, craft-y things, DVDs, unused makeup, maybe even CD's or gently worn clothing), or filthy lucre (non-credit-card Paypal, checks, money orders, very-well-concealed cash).

    Make me an offer -- or link me to your own swaplist -- and see what you end up with. (My wishlist is here on LJ.)

    Also, I'm still swapping my stuff for your charitable donations: you & I agree on a nonprofit and how much you're going to donate to them. Then you make the donation, send me a copy of the receipt, and I put my end of the swap in the mail to you.
    I do reserve the right to be picky about the charities involved (no Focus on the Family, kthx). Finally, the charity-for-BPAL swap thing does not include Kiva loans or Prosper loans; straight donations only.

    NB: Many of the below labels -- esp. on the older scents -- are "well loved", e.g., faded, wrinkled, or stained with oil. However, I can guarantee that the bottles & imps themselves were securely stashed away in a cool, dark place.

    NB too: After a few bad experiences, I no longer "hold" things. First one in with a Paypal payment (or a mailing address, in the case of a swap) gets it. Sorry it has to be that way, but Christmas in the human world is a cold season.

    Anyway. Here's what I have right now:

    LE, Chakras, Salon, and GC bottles )

    LE/DC/Gaiman/Panacea/Salon/Sephiroth/Tarot/Trading Post Imps (whew) )

    GC Imps )

    BPTP Merch and Non-BPAL Stuff )

    I am a bear of very little brain and long customs forms bother me, so I will probably only ship within the United States. Also, sometimes my online time is limited; if I don't respond to your comment/email within 60 seconds, I am not ignoring you.

    My bpal_feedback post is here; you can also see my forum feedback here. Also, some of you may know me from that BPALanonymous thing.

    You can leave me a message here, or at latzonik@ or latzoni@ .
    1:23 pm
    Welcome to the bpal community on IJ!
    My name is Kathy L., and you may know me as one of the moderators of BPALanonymous on LiveJournal -- or as the organizer of some meetups over on .

    I'd like to make this a community that everyone enjoys, so maybe as you join the comm, you could post to this thread with some suggestions for what you'd like to see here, and also what you DON'T want to see? I'll get started:

    - I like setting up RL meetups, myself, so it would be great if this comm gets used as a resource for that. And while I'm in the United States (New York, to be precise), global meetups in Europe, Australia, etc. would be brilliant.

    - Also, I'm always interested in hearing about people's spirituality, and how they might use these scents in personal devotions/rituals of their own.

    - And I enjoy threads matching up scents to characters in a fandom you're part of; or a game you're playing; or original fiction you're working on...

    - Lemme see, one thing I'm NOT a fan of is price caps. (This is no big secret, I've told at least one of the mods as much in person.) So, as long as we're allowing sales, swaps, auctions and ISO's on this comm (which is still open to discussion, BTW), you will find no price caps here.

    Anybody want to go next?
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