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Welcome to bottom!Snape. Please read our profile if you wish to join us. Please f-lock any post that contains or links to adult material.
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Sep. 12th, 2007 @ 10:27 pm Spoiler Policy Update
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[originally posted: 06/24/07 by chazpure]

Just a quick modly note -

Since it appears the Book 7 spoiler troll brigade has started work early, we've stepped up our timetable for spoiler lockdown.

No new members will be approved to join the community until the end of July. I apologise to the good folk who are waiting for approval, but please bear with us; we're trying to keep this community fun for everyone - except the trolls. *rg*

As of right now, all posts to the community will be moderated. We'll try to approve posts as quickly as possible, but please be patient if there should be a delay in the approval process.

I have disabled anonymous commenting for the community, and comments from non-members will be screened for the duration. If you happen to receive a spoilery comment to a post on this community, please don't delete it; just screen it and send a notification to the mods - bottomsnape at yahoo dot com. If we want to track trolls, we'll have to have the evidence in place.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation!

The Mods
Sep. 12th, 2007 @ 09:49 pm Book 7 Spoiler Policy for bottomsnape
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[originally posted: 06/07/07]

Since some early warnings of spoiler trolls have been going around, we'd like to announce the spoiler policy for bottomsnape.

1. Please post anything that might be considered a spoiler for Book 7 behind an LJ cut.

2. In order to avoid trolls, two days before the release of DH, we will be putting the community on moderated posting status. This will continue until at least two days after the US release date.

3. After we give the go-ahead, discussion of spoilers is acceptable here, as long as they are behind a cut and locked to the community.

4. Please avoid spoilery posting headers and cut-text.


The Mods