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Sep. 12th, 2007 @ 02:23 am February Challenge - Recs!
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[originally posted: 02/03/07 by chazpure]

First off, odogoddess and I would like to apologize for our recent neglect of the community. Real life has been rather intrusive, lately. We'd hoped to have a fic exchange or fantasy fest here for Valentine's day, but we'll plan on trying that for March/April.

In the meantime, here's a different sort of challenge for February, shamelessly stolen from inspired by snegurochka_lee, who is reccing one fic every day this month in her journal. For the month of February, anyone who'd like to participate, please rec us one fic or artwork featuring bottom!Snape, every day. Please include the title, author/artist, and a link to the fic or art, along with your recommendation.

For example:

REC 3 FEB 2007 - Snape/Squid

"Tender Tentacles" by Ann Onymous

This is a sweet, romantic tale of forbidden love. The sex is very steamy, although the Squid is slightly OOC in a couple of places...

Everyone is welcome to play. It will make a nice Valentine's bouquet of stories and artwork for everyone to enjoy, and generate lots of feedback for the authors and artists whose works are recced!