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May. 13th, 2012 @ 11:49 am Snape-Draco 2012 Fest Prompt Claiming!
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It's time for some SNACO!

I left some (aka a truckload) of Bottom!Snape prompts at Snape-Draco on LJ. Of course I am aware that the preferred dynamics of this pairing is Ueber Top!Snape and Ueber Bottom!Draco, and all the other prompts clearly ask for that–which is why I would be very, very pleased if someone would take Draco and Snape and play a bit around with them.

I quite like Draco's complex fragility and Snape's harsh, abrasive persona thrown together. As lovers would they be more complicated than say, Snarry? Or Snupin?

Prompt Claiming is open until May 17th! Come and play!

Prompts 01-49 are here
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