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Nov. 16th, 2012 @ 11:29 am Veritas [NC17] (SS/LP; RL/LP/SS; RL/SS)
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This could be pushing the bottom!Snape envelope. But, I think those who read it will agree, Severus Snape bottoms even when he's alone. Adding two other someones isn't going to change that!
~ [info]bonfoi



Author: [info]bonfoi
Rating: NC17
Challenge: LJ comm [info]samhain_smut Prompt #20 (see end of story)
Pairing: Severus Snape/Lily Potter – Lily Evans/Remus Lupin – Remus Lupin/Severus Snape – Remus Lupin/Severus Snape/Lily Potter
Summary: Since the war, since he'd "died" and resurrected himself, Severus Snape has kept to one ritual. Except that this year, there are additions he hadn't planned for.
Word Count: 7,235 (miscounted in the fest post. Urk!)
Genre: Alternate Universe; Post Second Voldemort War; Angst; Romance; bottom!Snape
Warnings: Existential Angst; Dub Con; Metaphysical Threesome; Sublimation
A/N: Many thanks to my two betas, [info]azure_rosa and [info]badgerlady, who gave me encouragement and a load of love when it came to my ideas. To [info]ragdoll, for hosting of this most excellent fest and for the kindness of an extension. And, finally, to [info]snapesgirl62 for being my lone commenter and making me smile. Originally posted here.

Loss. Repentance. Subjugation. Forgiveness. Severus never thought about it. He only did it. Over and over again. Until that last time.
Jan. 9th, 2008 @ 12:09 pm Pretty Man, By triceybabe
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Title: Pretty Man
Author: [info]triceybabe
Giftee: [info]amusette
Beta: [info]wl551
Word Count: 1832
Rating: NC17
Pairing: HP/SS
Warnings: OOC, rimming, AU
Disclaimer: I do not own HP and its affiliates. I'm only playing with them for a bit. I promise to give them back. Maybe.
Summary: Snape is in hiding, from both sides. Harry has never heard of him. They meet whilst Harry is working for the Order... (I hope this works out for you. I've never really done a prompt specifically for someone else before.)

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Dec. 19th, 2007 @ 02:24 am I come bearing recs!
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I wanted to let everyone here know about two wonderful Snupin Santa entries over at [info]lupin_snape that I think will interest most here.

The first is The Rose Petal, which was my gift, and it is absolutely masterful! Here's the link: http://snupinsanta.annex-files.com/viewstory.php?sid=129&warning=1

The writing is absolutely delicious, and even though it's a Snape/Lupin fic, there's also Snarry involved. The prompt the author chose was "Snape captured/enslaved by Harry, and rescued by Remus" and boy, does it deliver! The sex scenes are lush -- there's one description that I *still* can't get out of my head, and it is nnnggh! -- and the narrative style and POVs are expertly done. Also, there's a twist in the tale that Alfred Hitchcock would have been proud of.

I'm not sure why it hasn't been read and reviewed more -- honestly, it's a sin that something this good should go unremarked upon -- but possibly the warnings put people off. Yes, there is a warning for non-con, but I felt it was dub-con at most, and I think it's unlikely to outrage anyone's sensibilities. It is on the darkish side of things -- someone described it as "murky" rather than dark, which I think is about right -- but please don't let that stop you. It's just a magnificent piece of writing.

The other rec is for Dark Lanterns which is a double-whammy of both art AND fic. It's Whore!Snape with a bit of cross-dressing, and a Lupin that is more wolf than man: hot,horny and foul-mouthed,like you've never seen Lupin before. It's just... GUH! Really, check it out, you will NOT be sorry. Here's the link: http://snupinsanta.annex-files.com/viewstory.php?sid=84

Both fics are gloriously NC-17, and both have luscious Bottom!Snape. Go try them out, and if you enjoy them, remember to leave the author some commentary, even if it's only one or two words. Enjoy!
Dec. 1st, 2007 @ 11:56 pm Snupin Rec!!
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I'm avidly reading this year's Snupin Santa fest. So far, the two stories and one artwork I've read/seen have been lovely, but one of them was especially outstanding and I just have to rec like mad!

Mods - please delete/inform me if I'm not allowed to post a fic-rec here?

And no, I did not write this - I wish I could be half so talented!


Don't know who wrote this yet until the reveal. This is amazingly well-written, definitely NC-17 material, and you should read the warnings before progressing with the story, but it is soooooooo well-worth reading!

Hot, snarky, in-character Snupin.

Bottom!Snape without being Effeminate!Snape. Moony getting the better of Greyback. Brilliant, gripping dialog. I can't say enough good things about everything I loved about this story.

I loved Tonks in this! The author totally redeemed her for me. The dialog in this is totally brilliant and completely in-character for every character. I loved that the Author did not pull any punches and let everyone have their failings and flaws while not completely destroying those things we love about our favourite characters.

It's such a good story!
Sep. 10th, 2007 @ 07:03 pm ART: Moonlit (Snape/Harry, NC-17 NWS!!!)
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[originally posted: 08/10/06] by rexluscus]

Title: Moonlit
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Notes: Thank you to my marvelous art beta ook, without whom this picture would have sucked. Also, Snape would only have had one foot had she not intervened.

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