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Welcome to bottom!Snape. Please read our profile if you wish to join us. Please f-lock any post that contains or links to adult material.
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Sep. 10th, 2007 @ 06:30 pm July/August challenge
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[originally posted: 07/01/06] by odogoddess]

The Twins challenge entries have been lovely so far and I thank everyone taking part and those still intending to! I hope to see more. :)

They can continue to be posted till the end of July. All challenges will overlap so no one need feel concern that they are posting 'late'. There is no late here at bottomsnape, there is only new fic or art that is a pleasant surprise. :)

It's a new month and so it's time for a new challenge! Since it's July and school is out, from now to the end of August, the bottomsnape challenge will be: School's Out!

When school is out, where does Snape go for a long, meltingly slow screw? Or is it a fast, hot shag? And who does he go to? Remus on the beach? Picking exotic herbs in South America with Hagrid? Training Harry in one thing and Harry turns him around and trains him in another? ;) Running into an order member and getting his needy arse plundered in a storage cupboard at 12 Grimmauld Place? Does a Ministry member have the goods on Snape and use it to their advantage?

Well, authors and artists - it's up to you to tell and show us. :) Remember - anyplace but Hogwarts, because School's Out!
Sep. 10th, 2007 @ 05:49 pm Welcome and our first challenge!
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[originally posted: 05/31/06] by odogoddess]

Welcome to bottomsnape!

I've been considering setting up a bottom!Snape community for at least two years, but always talked myself out of it. Well, my Snape-loving muse kept harping at me and finally I gave in. So here we are. :)

Please don't mind our dust as we settle in and get things all set up.

What do we do now? Easy! We write and draw and discuss. :) So I give you our...

Challenge for June 2006: twins!

Since it's June and the sun sign of Gemini holds full sway - why not start off with Snape/twins! Hold on - it's not just Fred and George (although, they're more than welcome here!), but also Padma and Parvati. And if you're willing to postulate that Sirius & Regulus, Gideon & Fabian Prewett (Molly's brothers), Narcissa and Andromeda or Andromeda and Bella, or Aberforth & Albus were twins - who are we to stop you? ;) Feel free to indulge in bottom!Snape/twins fervour of all kinds and flavours. :)

Let the bottoming of Snape begin!