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This is the screened poll post for you to enter your age statement. You must have one submitted to friend/join us, even if you have your date of birth freely viewable in your profile. If IJ should ever ask us to prove our members are all adults, that is the only way we can cover our butts.

We will not accept statements of "Yeah, I'm 18." or any similar variation. Under the screenname that you are going to join the community with, enter your full date of birth, then make sure you are friended to the community, or join it if you plan to post any fic or art. Yes, you can join under more than one screen name, but be sure to do the same for each screen name you like to use.

All responses are screened except to us two moddies—[info]chazpure and I—aka [info]bottomsnape_mod.

Poll #357 Age Statement
Open to: All, results viewable to: None

My date of birth is:

Yes, this is necessary in order to join and fully participate in this commmunity, as all questionable posts will be flocked.

ETA: I've discovered that one cannot screen comments to a post made to a list. PLEASE ENTER YOUR INFO IN THE POLL ONLY to keep your info private. The poll *is* screened, the comments are not and cannot be screened except manually, and I had to use this account to post the poll, because only paid accounts can make polls. :( I'm sorry about all the technical difficulties.