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    Saturday, September 11th, 2010
    11:13 pm

    I am a fan of the relationship between Manuel "El Flaco" Reveiro and Lalo Roldan of the Argentinian telenovela Botineras.

    My Spanish isn't very good but several very nice people have edited, translated and subtitled this storyline for us poor none-Spanish-speakers. You can check on youtube.

    The telenovela finished a short time ago but I want to know what happens next. Will Lalo play football again? Does Tato get his comeruppance? How is life in jail for Nino? What do Flaco's kids know? Will Mostaza finally pay for all he has done?

    I am usually just a lurker and silent consumer but since the only fan fiction I could find was written in a language I do not speak I hope that some people will use this little corner of the internet to share their work.

    As the fandom seems to be so small everything i welcome: fanfiction of all ratings and pairings, fan art, videos, discussions etc.

    This is my first try at creating something for internet consumption so if I make any obvious or grief mistakes please tell me.
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