Well Gee, glad I kept up with this soooooo well!
 bookwormacademy - (miss_nomer)
03:25pm 21/04/2008
We are stumbling toward the finish line here. J is struggling with pretty much all his subjects at this point. Z is doing well in reading and writing but science and math have been a struggle. T is just as balky as he has been all year, but has made some progress in numbers/math, learning the alphabet and "writing" as in copying words and letters.

Overall, I think everyone's progress has been good. I do not think the Oak Meadows curriculum should have been given to J straight out of the box. I should have opted for the who special needs education package... but at school he was at grade level and last years "free-style" homeschooling was considered equal to seventh grade. :( Still, bad call on my part. I am stressing out at this point, knowing that soon we will submit everything and find out how we did. Failures really belong to me and not the kids. gah. But I do tend to stress about some things, especially being evaluated. We'll see how it goes.
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Week 1
 bookwormacademy - (miss_nomer)
08:34am 06/09/2007
The kids went gang-busters for 3 days straight so they could take the day off today. I am so impressed. It takes a fair amount of organization and planning not to mention motivation and discipline to get a week's worth of lessons done in 3 days. All we have for today is my reading aloud 2 chapters from Harry Potter. Wow.

I have put some homeschooling books on my PaperBack Swap wish list. I am the only member wishing for either book so I might get lucky and get one of them soon. I hope so, they look like excellent books. One is on creating unit studies and the other is a sort of almanack of activities based on the seasons and holidays. I'd love to get either one.

So today is reading aloud... maybe the kids would like to help bake cookies or something, or we could all play a board game or go for a walk. I love homeschooling, it is mostly just so relaxing. There is no rushing to catch the bus, no forgetting lunches or homework or sneakers or that today was picture day. Jake can sleep in, Zaak can wear his pajamas all day if he likes, we can stay up till midnight looking at stars and not have to worry about sleep deprivation. I love being in charge of the rythym of our lives!
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Day Two...
 bookwormacademy - (miss_nomer)
09:54am 04/09/2007
So far today has been NUTTY. Zaak started out reading chapter 4 of his book, then he and Tris went outside to gather sticks for a mini-log cabin project. The kids all made bagels for breakfast and watched SpongeBob. I hope they will settle down and get working soon. Jake slept in and hasn't started anything yet.

Today we will be reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, chapter 3, I will be reading books to Tris and getting him set up with art projects. We'll see what else.
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Our first Official Day
 bookwormacademy - (miss_nomer)
05:16pm 03/09/2007
Well, the kids jumped right in with both feet.

Jake spent the whole day working on English and Civics, he spent about 4 1/2 hours on his school work today. He said it was all very interesting and he thinks the writing part of his English course is going to help him improve his writing. He is always working on a novel, a screenplay or a comic book.

Zaak read 3 chapters of "Sign of the Beaver" and completed a writing prompt I picked out for him. He also spent a large part of the day playing with legos and playdough with Tris which was very helpful in keeping things quiet.

Tris drew pictures, played with Legos and playdough, watched a cartoon movie and I also read him the book; "Ooo-Cha! From which he drew his inspiration for his drawings; dragons.

Really a great day.
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Cool Site!
 bookwormacademy - (miss_nomer)
07:23pm 10/08/2007

I used this with the kids yesterday after reading chapter one aloud to them.

We will be going very slow until we get moved so I figured we should start early.
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 bookwormacademy - (miss_nomer)
07:33pm 08/08/2007
Book-Worm Academy is scheduled to begin classes on September 4th 2007.

We are excited to be starting our first year of learning together.

Plans for the first few days include beginning reading aloud from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; by J.K. Rowling, educational board games like Scrabble and a lot of packing for our scheduled move on September 7th. (!!!)

We are still awaiting official approval to teach the 5th grade, in case we were tempted to think things were all skittles and Rootbeer.
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