Mar. 25th, 2008


Do you want to be able to delete posts/comments as you see fit or should it be moderated?


ETA: I failed insanejournal. Please refer to the post above.
To make this post relevant, should this asylum allow the deletion of comments and posts? (Though you can ask a Mod to delete accidental posts/Mods can delete spam.)
May seem like an odd question, but I've seen some insanity in online communities where deletions of comments and posts caused lots of drama. I'd like to avoid that. Not saying we've been very drama filled, but I'm thinking about when hopefully this place expands.
However an asylum is nothing without its members so I'll leave it up to you fine folks to vote it out.

tl;dr Do you want the option to delete (posts and comments), even if it could incur drama, or do you want deletions to be only in certain circumstances (troll, spam, accident, post breaks rule/TOS...)? Also, should the Original Poster (OP) be allowed to delete both other memeber's comments in the OP's post?

Voting starts now. Will end April 25th. For now deletion is okay.

Feel free to add any suggetions, comments and concerns.