March 12th, 2010

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Just wanted to post an introduction and say hi. I'm J. I'm an as yet unpublished author of fiction. I'm currently working on a novel adapted from a screenplay a friend of mine wrote, which is a sort of coming of age thriller. After I've finished this I have four more novels in the works, one biography, one paranormal thriller and two vampire romance novels.

I also read a TON of books from all genres; From Stephen KIng and Harry POtter to the Demonica Series and the Dark Series, to the book I'm reading now called the People of the Book.

I am currently writing a blog as well, which will have book reviews as well as reviews of other media and the link for which you can find on my user info page (and which has an RSS feed on my friends page). I am ALWAYS looking for new books to review there as well as topics to discuss, so any recommendations you have are seriously welcome!

I hope to meet and discuss the wonderful world of books with many of you!