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Fic: Asylum (Sirius/Tonks)

Rating:NC 17
Prompt (the full prompt):#36 - "Lately I've been walking in circles, watching, waiting for something. Feel me, touch me, heal me, come take me higher"
Word Count:4118
Warnings (if any): Minor Incest (see pairing)
Author/Artist's notes:I enjoy this pairing far more than I should, especially as I started out writing R/T. I just love the dynamic between these two. This takes place mid-OOTP and doesn't necessarily contradict the canon that follows. A bit on the melancholy side. Mentions of possible Remus/Tonks.
He's not here. )

freckles42 [userpic]
Art - There Was Only One Part of Him That Was Still Warm - NWS

Title: There Was Only One Part of Him That Was Still Warm
Author/Artist: [info]freckles42
Rating: NC-17/NWS
Prompt: #37 - This twisted, tortured mess, this bed of sinfulness who's longing for some rest and feeling numb
Pairing(s): Tonks/Sirius
Warnings (if any): Incest, dead!sex (but not how you probably think!)
Author/Artist's notes: After Sirius' death, Tonks returns to the Department of Mysteries for a final good-bye to her favourite cousin... I coloured it about a dozen different ways and finally gave up. Here is the final result of my madness. ;D
Disclaimer: not mine. I blame it on JKR. Sorry, Jo! :D Also, everyone pictured is well over the age of 18.

There Was Only One Part of Him That Was Still Warm )

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