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Hey guys, and welcome! I'm Beck, the mod. First and foremost, I'm a wife and mother, but this is my only current RPG project/interactions, so I'm plenty available. :D

My stats are on the contacts page, as are the characters I play, but I'll offer up a little info about the ones I have so far:

Zyanya Castile is a native Panamanian, who will turn 160 years old in 2012. She's the alpha of the Castile pack, and so far, of the Las Vegas strip. She's a lycan, a black jaguar, and is in a fraternal polyandrous common-law marriage with Henry and Alex Castile, two brothers from 19th century France. She is the mother of four children, all black jaguars, who are all up for grabs on the wanted page, because the Castiles want their kids around (ranging in age from 25 to 100+). She is the co-owner of the Azteca and runs a tight ship (see: 'the queen'). She has a soft spot for younger, female lycans, but she treats males far more kindly (publicly) in order to harden the females of her species.

Dr. Alexandre Castile hails from France, but has spent over one hundred collective years outside of his native land. He is a black jaguar lycanthrope, and was turned by his now-wife Anya Castile (known then as 'Zyanya'). Alex is the co-owner of the Azteca casino, and from a suite within the casino's hotel, he runs an ER for supernatural beings in the Las Vegas area - right on the strip. Each month, he gives out a sedative to other lycans of all varieties in order to prevent chaos in the city (see: death) and to keep hunters from swarming in as well. He is distinguished and refined, but can be a bit of a shut in. 150+ years of partying can wear a guy thin. He loves his children more than living - all four of them, even though only two of the 'Castile heirs' are biologically his (Jourdain and Jacquelin). The other two children (Coeur and Colette) were fathered by his brother Henri (or 'Henry'). He is the kindest of the three original Castiles, and is more likely to lend a sympathetic ear.

Watchemonne Wilcox runs Aces High tattoo shop, and is natural voodoo witch. He is the son of Haitian native Bandru, and unhinged werewolf mother Pabla. His mother left he and his sister during his childhood, but she returned and attacked him to teach his father a lesson in bigotry, resulting in his present-day lycanthropy. He hasn't exactly embraced either of his parents "gifts", but he sure loves to make art - especially on people's skin. He is bisexual, outgoing, tall, goofy, and a very intuitive employer. If your pup is looking for a tattooing job or some clerical work, he's the man for them. As for his lycanthropy, he willingly reports to the Azteca before each full moon in order to receive a sedative that will prevent him from harming innocent people during his change.

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