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Aug. 6th, 2009


Help Please!

Firstly, I'm new to this community and fairly new to the Bleach series as well. Hello! I've seen nearly all the episodes on DVD with only about five DVDs left to go. Immediately, my favorite character became Uryū Ishida. I'm in love with him in ways that I simply cannot explain.

Right so, I would like to apply for him at an RPG. However, I'm having the most difficult time locating a decent pb for him. We all know how Uryū is obviously. So, I need someone who has that smug I'm-Quincy-and-I'm-better-than-you face, the glasses, the hair and (I know I'm pushing it but) archer abilities as well if possible. I've gotten suggestions such as Yu Shirota, Soo Hyuk Lee and Matsuda Shota. I really like Yu Shirota's hair and he's rocking the glasses, but as for the smug look, I think Soo Hyuk Lee has got that down better. All of those icons came from [info]yourfacehere by the way.

I told one of my friends last night that if Yu and Soo had a baby, it would make me so happy. XD Honestly, if there are pictures of Soo with glasses and more Uryū-like hair, I'd use him as a pb. Or if Matsuda had some glasses, I'd use him. But I'm sure there has to be someone out there who looks more like Uryū. I'm desperate here.

I have little to no knowledge about Asian pbs, so any and all help would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much! And long live the Quincies!

Edit: Also! I just remembered this and thought maybe someone here could help. I'm looking for an agenda or a day planner for 2010 of Bleach (specifically Uryū, but that's probably asking too much). If anyone can help me out with that too, I will be forever in your debt.

Jan. 23rd, 2009


Chapter 342

Hello everyone!

Chapter 342 is up over at One Manga.

Spoilers for Chapter 341 and hopefully a discussion )

Jan. 13th, 2009



A post was made urging our community to help promote the Bleach fandom. However, it has now come to light that the post is spam and that the person who runs the FanHistory Wiki is only looking to promote her site and to make money off of fandoms. We will not support any site that seeks to profit from fandom and I encourage our members to not contribute as well.

I deleted the post in question, but I have a link to a post on LJ showing exactly how it's a scam here. I asked for and received permission to link to the article from the OP [info]ranty_rie from LJ.

If you have a moment, please read it. I don't want any of the members here scammed in any way, so if any posts promoting FanHistory Wiki are posted here again, they will be deleted and marked as spam. Also, the poster, [info]betsyb has been removed as a member and also banned from the community. If it's posted again, I'd appreciate any of you letting me or the other mods know so we can take care of it.

Sorry for the huge OT post, but I wanted to make all of you aware of what's going on.

Jul. 13th, 2008


Ulquiorra and Orihime

So, about Ulquiorra (and Orihime).

Spoilers, of course )

Inquiring minds want to know right now. *attempts to possess her soul in patience instead*

Jul. 12th, 2008


Bleach fandom help

Can anyone help improve the Bleach article or any other article in the Bleach category on Fan History? They feel like they are missing a lot of information, especially for things like the history of the Bleach fan fiction community, the Bleach cosplay community and various national community histories. The article about the Bleach fandom on LiveJournal could also use a massive upgrade, with additional information to be added in order to make it more accurate. Any help in improving any article or section would be much appreciated, even if it is just fixing wiki code or spelling errors.

Fan History is also trying to create a directory of Bleach fans. We've created 5,595 articles already. The most popular of these are the articles about Andrew Joshua Talon, Wryly Fantarding, Kaesteranya, AnaKasha and Peroxidepest17. It would be nice to see those articles, or any of the other 5,590 articles improved. If you know a Bleach fan who is not listed and should be, copy and paste the person template into a blank page about them and use it as a base for that new article.

Thanks for any help you can provide! :)

Jun. 29th, 2008


A slightly silly question

All right, so, while we're waiting for big fights and major plot points to manifest, I have a question for my fellow Bleach fans regarding Muguruma Kensei.

What do you think about that spoiler for the Turn Back arc? )

Jun. 27th, 2008


A New Look, A New Mod and A Discussion.

Hey everyone!

Well, we have a new layout all thanks to the wonderful [info]branchandroot! Also, she is our newest maintainer. So, everyone please give her a warm welcome and a round of thanks for the awesome layout!

Now... I know it's been a bit since I've posted here. My apologies for that. But, I have a discussion I'd like to start.

Spoilers!! )

May. 3rd, 2008


[Bleach graphics]: 9 icons and 1 bigger animated gif

[01-04] Bleach
[05-09] Bleach (animations)
[10] Bleach: Grimmjow (bigger animation)


We want to tease.

Get them HERE @ my personal journal.

Apr. 20th, 2008


Sharing a Grimmjow background/wallpaper

I made a Grimmjow background for my journal layout and I want to share it with fandom! :)


Grimmjow wallpaper

Click image or click HERE for the download link.

Apr. 11th, 2008


Kurosaki Masaki

I have a question I've been meaning to ask you all here!

Warning: Vague spoilers, although I tried to avoid using any.

Apr. 10th, 2008


Angst Fic, "Goodbye"

Title: Goodbye
Author: [info]haruomi
Rating: PG-13
Character(s)/Paring(s): Ichigo/Orihime, mentions of others
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite owns my soul Bleach and its characters. I just borrow them for fun.
Warnings: DEATH FIC. Blood. Spoilers (kind of). The works.
Notes and dedication: For [info]fly_ylf on LJ, at her request. I hope I actually pulled this off! …See any mistakes?


Apr. 9th, 2008


Fic, "Trust"

Title: Trust
Author: [info]haruomi
Rating: PG, I guess
Character(s)/Paring(s): Orihime (and her as of now unrequited feelings for Ichigo), mentions of others.
Disclaimer: Hahahahahahano.
Notes and Dedication: To [info]kay_willow on LJ, for providing me with that prompt of Orihime and “holding hands”. I’m sorry for the complete and utter failure.

Also, let me know if you catch any mistakes. I know they’re there.

She knows that she’s weak. She knows that she’ll never be on the same level as her friends in power or skill. But she’s also come to realize that she can’t depend on them forever.


Shipping Poll

So, the poll on shipping I posted in my journal is going a little slow (only 7 voters, including myself, so far). The poll is about shipping in any fandom. If you want to fill it out, go here.

(Mod, if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete it.)

x-posted a lot...

Apr. 3rd, 2008


Ichigo/Orihime Fic, "Chocolates"

If you catch any mistakes (because I know there are quite a number of them), please be sure to let me know. Thanks.

Title: Chocolates
Author: [info]haruomi
Rating: G
Series: Bleach
Character(s)/Paring(s): Ichigo/Orihime, Rukia, Tatsuki
Disclaimer: Nothing’s mine, except maybe this story.
Warnings: Fluff.

”Huh. Ichigo really has no taste. Why does that not surprise me?”

Mar. 30th, 2008


Headers/FO Banners: Aizen + Kenpachi and Music

I had a playlist going while playing around in PSP (when I should be doing an essay of corse) and Lair by Henry Rollins came on and for some reason it just struck me as reminding me of Aizen (especally in relation to Hinamori). You be the judge...

I also come bearing meger gifts of Aizen and Kenpachi graphics:
Aizen - Header/FO Banner + 1 Variation each
Kenpachi - Header + 1 Variation
Take with credit back ect. ect.

Mar. 28th, 2008


Bleach 108

When I saw a link to download "Bleach 108" over on el-jay, I was like, don't these people know we're on chapter 315 (the next one being 316)? So I looked at what I had on my computer. Sure enough, chapter 108 is there. But I decided to go ahead and download it. Turns out this "Bleach 108" is set a century ago and gives us some insight into the Gotei 13 (especially Aizen) from that time. It really leaves more questions than answers, but it was fun to read. I totally squeed at the last two pages.

ETA: It's not 108; it's -108.
(I'm an oblivious dork sometimes...)

Anyway )

x-posted: [info]5lifetimes_love and [info]bleach_fandom

Mar. 26th, 2008


So How About You?

Here we are. Seven years and 315 chapters later, we’ve finally reached what Kubo Tite calls, “The beginning of the end”. So, when you consider how far the Bleach series has come, which do you think is your favorite chapter?

Hard question, I know. Even I have more than one that I love or that just makes me feel for the characters, but –if I had to choose- I think my favorite would have to be Chapter 283 “You Don’t Hurt Anymore”. )


Mar. 24th, 2008


An Announcement

Everyone, please welcome [info]haruomi as the community's new co-maintainer.

I'll be unreachable for about a week starting the 29th or 30th of this month. [info]haruomi will be in complete charge of the community. Once I get back, we'll have some other announcements to present to all of you.

Have a great morning!

Mar. 23rd, 2008


Hey! I don't know if this is okay here, and if it's not, then I'll delete my post.

I wanted to point out that I created [info]bleach_yaoi, for all the boylove fans. SO if any of you are into that, please feel free to join and post content. Thanks.

Mar. 22nd, 2008



So for all of the members of this community, I've been wondering, what is it about Bleach that appeals to you and who is your favorite character in the series? Why?

:D Please share your thoughts!

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