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Apr. 10th, 2015


This dress was Paulina, who isn't even designing yet in 2015. Not okay.

Alexander Argent, report. My now salt-covered two-year-old is settled very solidly into a grumpy mood, and I can't entirely blame him.

Feb. 1st, 2015


the only thing i like about the cold weather )

Dec. 15th, 2014


I got As in everything. I can't even remember getting more than the occasional one at a time.

[ tw -victor and christina argent ]
So. I survived my first session with Mr. Argent. Wasn't really a stellar experience, but whatever. At least I didn't kill anyone, right?

Alex, Scottie -- thanks for not stalking me home. Or at least not letting me know you were stalking me.

Dec. 13th, 2014


I'm a lady, I swear. )

Nov. 29th, 2014


[ TW teens and adults, minus Victor and Christina ]
So last week, I asked Alex's dad if he'd help me with control using hunter tactics, since they go through that training too. He took time to think about it, but agreed.

It may not work and may totally blow up in smoke, but I wanted to let you guys know it was happening so that you were in the loop. I'm hoping it'll give me something more to work with for my own sake, I guess. And ideally, it may help him see we're not just ravenous teeth-monsters and help those tensions too. Maybe not. Who knows. Since that part may impact more of you and he's been one of the reasons for some conflict lately, I figured I'd fill you all in.

Nov. 21st, 2014


stop stabbing me 2k14

Nov. 14th, 2014


I need someone to come get me.

Oct. 13th, 2014


ALRIGHT, I'm playing 'WHO IS MY PACK' a second time. Because I need to know.

[Screencap of this.]

I trust you, even if he doesn't. Just know that that's what he said and if he does anything that even SEEMS threatening, let me know?

Sep. 13th, 2014


!!! One of the fashion buyers still in town from Fashion Week stopped me in the shop today and asked me about my dress. Which I made. He said he thought it was badass (paraphrasing) and would look for me in the future. Dying forever.

Aug. 17th, 2014


I heard Starbucks is coming out with their pumpkin spice latte early this year, and all I can say is thank goodness one one my scholarships comes with a meal stipend. I know they're considered frou-frou, but I don't care. They taste delicious.

Also, in other news, it looks like NYU knew there would be some Stilinskis coming through so they added something special for them. It actually looks like a pretty neat program, but I'll stick with electrical engineering.

Jul. 19th, 2014


Werewolf healing is a wonderful thing for Clumsy McClumsersons like myself. If only it could heal dignity, too. Sigh.

Jul. 11th, 2014


Listen, I'm having a really bad year. So can we just not?

Jun. 23rd, 2014


Voice-to-Text Post

This isn't going to work; it's not even a Ouija board and then-- Oh-- wait, it's on? Oh. Okay, hi! This is Allison Argent; can anyone read this? Is this working? Hello?

Jun. 22nd, 2014


So some lady came in and bought a ton of fabric today, and I was her consultant. And apparently, she thought I was adorable so she called up later and talked to my boss and LONG STORY SHORT, I got a raise. And I discovered that there's a Captain America print on fabric so nice that it cost nearly $200 per yard.

I want a huge summer party this weekend to kick off Reckless Summer 2014 appropriately, but the 4th is so close that I was facing the dilemma of choosing one weekend or the next, but now I'm thinking let's just do both.

Apr. 22nd, 2014


[ Filtered to Isla Lahey ]

I read somewhere that communication is key in relationships. How are you doing? You got a lot dumped on you in the past few weeks.

[ /Filter ]

[ Filtered to Lyle Martin ]

You know what we need to do this summer? Because I know what we need to do this summer.

[ /Filter ]

[ Filtered to Kate Argent ]

How a

[ /Filter ]

Three weeks and then we're free! ...to work in a sporting goods store all summer in my case, sure, but freedom! Almost!

Apr. 15th, 2014


[ Teen Wolf Types ]

Hey. So, I've been sitting on this a while, because it's big. I got some help from Bonnie Bennett last week; I had a chunk missing from my memory. She was a big help, so I pretty much owe her a fruit basket or something now.

As you may or may not know, I'm a banshee, and my earliest memory was being found in the desert in Afghanistan about seven years back. No name, nothing on me. I got by on an assumed name after that. Same identity I used when I got my job at the station in Beacon Hills. Anyway, bandage off: I was actually originally from Beacon Hills, though I didn't know it when I moved there. My original name was Camden Lahey. Yeah, that one.

Anyway, I'll pretty much answer to anything but any of Paige's nicknames for me, I guess. I've got most of what was lost back. I was blown to bits hurt pretty bad, and I guess that rattled my head hard enough that I just forgot most of everything.

[ /Filter ]

[ Isaacs of All Varieties ]

I didn't want to leave. I regretted it once I was there. But I was hearing voices pretty bad growing up and it was getting worse every day, and Dad was Dad was Dad, and I was seventeen and scared stupid.

I don't know exactly what the protocol for this is. I know we're all from different worlds, so hell, my story sure as shit isn't universal. But I consider you - all - family.

I can skip off or not. Your choice. I'll respect it. But I wanted you to know how sorry I am that I left you there. I didn't think Da I've got no excuse. I'm just sorry.

[ /Filter ]


Now I can stop wondering what it actually feels like for one of us to go through an eclipse.

Apr. 11th, 2014


I have so much sewing to catch up on, but it was totally worth it. Paris is the most amazing city and I want to live there forever.

adult lydia
Can I stop by tomorrow afternoon? I have something for yooou.

Apr. 6th, 2014


I have zero recollection of coming to New York, and yet here I am.

Petra, what did you do? And what did I drink?

{ ooc: derica aged down to 1 year after 'visionary' }

Mar. 25th, 2014



I guess that settles that.

[ alex ]
You've been radiating about as much anger since last night as I've been fighting to keep down for the last week.

[ ooc: i wouldn't say the link is a spoiler, but it is about next season. ]

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