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Jan. 26th, 2015


I'm used to getting pulled back to Hawaii for food and family squabbles, but not literally getting pulled back in time. Must be a major Mad Hook fight.

[Future Neverland!BP Grace! Deets in her journal!]

Jan. 9th, 2015


I'm setting up a waffle & sundae bar at the B&B this weekend. Everyone's welcome! I want to meet all these people that think of me as a cool big sister, and hear embarrassing stories about my new brother, Papa and Killian all at once, so if you're coming... come prepared.

Dec. 5th, 2014


I can't be here. I need to find a way to save my son and I can't do that here.

[ooc; Always been a dude!Regina! In his world some things happened the way they did, some didn't. For a more detailed look at the changes, check out this. Would love to see more people from this world! If you have any changes you want to propose, I'm all for it!]

Dec. 3rd, 2014


Birthdays here are the BEST. Hawaii is in trouble.

Oct. 26th, 2014


Taking the ship out to Big Island today to help with evacuations in Puna. One or two volunteers are welcome to join me, as are a donation of supplies. The lava is just a few miles from the village, and gaining movement.

I plan on making short-term goodbyes in person, but I may be gone more than a day. Two, three. We'll be transporting people around the other side of the island, and I'll likely be making more than a few trips.

Aug. 12th, 2014


I've never met people so eager to have apples shot off their heads. And I thought I was reckless. At least the coin is good.

I was wondering if yo-

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of islands. What do you say to moving off this one?

Aug. 5th, 2014


Well. This island isn't Neverland, so that's a start.

Aug. 1st, 2014


How strange. Of course I've heard of portals before, but that was my first go with one. And into some place so hot with all these peculiar machines! It's all so overwhelming.

[ooc: au!emma where there was no curse, straight up fairytale princess. details here]

Jul. 4th, 2014


I think it's time to dye my hair.

Papa, can we go out on Killian's boat for the fireworks tonight?

Jun. 23rd, 2014


It appears Jefferson is dumb enough to let me make an honest man of him.

Apr. 11th, 2014


There are too many bloody Captains on this island these days.

Mar. 28th, 2014


I didn't realize they would need my blood and first born to get hired with the NYPD. But at least they're willing to overlook a lot of crap due to my fairy tale origins.

Feb. 4th, 2014


As familiar as I am with magical portals, I'm never transported without my ship. I can't say I'm overly fond.

They told me the polite thing would be to introduce myself, and I seem to have worked through my threats with the local law enforcement already. Captain Kieran Jones, at your service.

Jan. 29th, 2014


When I took this job, I failed to consider how much time I would spend on my knees.

There's your easily misconstrued fun fact for the day.

Filtered to Killian Jones )

Jan. 26th, 2014


Free to a good home.

Jan. 21st, 2014


I was just in the land known as Hawaii. How is it I have fallen through a portal once again only to land right back where I thought I was?

Henry? Killian? Graham? Arthur?

Are any of you here?

Jan. 11th, 2014


Papa, you're going to make new friends tomorrow. I'm taking over the house.

I'm making Papa get out of the house tomorrow. Can we have a tea party and do our hair and make our nails look pretty? I need to learn these things in this world before I start schooling here.

Jan. 6th, 2014


Never seen a man cry about the weather so much before in my life.

Tink, Gracie, Wendy - Breakfast? I'll show you the wonders of IHOP.

Jan. 2nd, 2014


Would anyone care to join me for a night of drinking? I've already opened a tab and it's rather sad and pitifully lonely at this bar.

Dec. 28th, 2013


FILTERED TO OUAT PEOPLE (all of 'em, why not):
Now that we've all recovered from eggnog hangovers, I thought perhaps we'd celebrate actually being able to ring in a new year. Therefore, I'm hosting a New Years party at Jefferson's humble abode on the beach. Consider this your invitation, mates.

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