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Dec. 6th, 2015


Chag Urim Sameach!

Peter, I'm cooking. No complaints accepted.

[ Left on the kitchen table for Mel and Peter, photo posted to his instagram ]

Nov. 23rd, 2015


Aw, how I didn't miss you, HPD sweats.

[ooc; Older Scottie D!]

Nov. 21st, 2015


So as it happens, I've got a group of parents in my preschool group that are decidedly vocal about the fact that we're not doing a Thanksgiving play aaaaaand also the fact that I explained what the holiday actually is to their children.

Sooo now we are doing a play. Except that they're all going to be turkeys and it's going to be a show about the daily life of being a turkey, because I am sometimes a sarcastic little shit.

Who likes working with feathers? Jaina? Pretty please?

Sep. 18th, 2015


Not it.

Sep. 13th, 2015


asdkjhsfjkhg someone give me a baby!

Aug. 29th, 2015


Greetings from Buenos Aires! Who wants a shirt from here?

Aug. 28th, 2015


Hey, so full disclosure, I'm heading to Argentina in the morning. I'll be back by nighttime. Love you!


Well shit.

Peter, I broke the new coffee table.

[ Scottie D ]
What are you doing this weekend?

And, follow-up, do you want to go to Argentina with me? I have to go for an arms deal.

Aug. 25th, 2015


I still don't understand what the 熊貓尿 is going on, but I need a drink.

[ooc; Info on her here! Would love to see more of this world in play!]

Aug. 20th, 2015


New best friend, sorry Stiley. )

Aug. 19th, 2015


Peter Hale why are there more rabbits in this apartment?

Aug. 6th, 2015


If each of you could make a point to come visit out here over the next few weeks, I'd appreciate it. In fact, even better if you bring me lunch like old times.

In the interest of sharing, because I doubt Peter is going to jump at it anytime soon...

Looks like Baby Hale is going to have a cousin following a few short months behind.

Aug. 3rd, 2015


Guys, we're living in a modern crisis: there's not an obvious choice for Song of The Summer. There are contenders, certainly, but nothing that dominated airwaves and set the scene for cookouts and beach parties like 2013's Get Lucky or 2012's "Gangnam Style" (I'm not mentioning last year's big hit because I'm still irritated as soon as I think about it).

So the responsibility is ours. WHAT IS THE SONG OF 2015'S SUMMER? Is it:

Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix), by OMI? This one's catchy, it's positive, it doesn't degrade women as much as Blurred Lines, and most importantly, Isla has this great dance she does to it.

See You Again, by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth? My gut feel is NO because it's depressing, but there are a few instances of depressing songs as summer anthems (see Green Day's Time of Your Life).

Can't Feel My Face, by The Weeknd. It's groovy, it's mellow, it's somewhere we've all been. But does it have IT, that timeless summer quality?

I Really Like You, by Carley Rae Jepson. Jepson's already a pop queen, and I've tortured Lyle singing this song so much that it actually gives me life, so this may be my pick.

I Know There's Gonna Be Good Times, by Jamie XX ft. Young Thug & Popcaan. Just writing that out makes me feel old because who the hell are these people, but this dark horse of a song is great for repeat value.

Worth It, by Fifth Harmony. I actually hate this song, but it's freaking inescapable and that may make it a contender.

Thoughts? Anything I've missed? THIS IS IMPORTANT, GUYS.

Jul. 8th, 2015


James, Harvey - in order to cut down on the attempted lawsuits, I administered earplugs and an instructional card, along with an apology note and description of exactly why they should be using said earplugs, to every single person in the wing.

Assorted family and pack: Suite 4 in Lenox Hill Hospital. We've got a few hours to go, so that's your prep call.

Jun. 7th, 2015


You have got to be--

Does anyone want 263 rabbits and one idiot roommate?

May. 27th, 2015


Argent, before you freak out, you should know that open floor plans are very popular these days in apartments, so you should probably thank me for the minor demolition. You're on trend! You're welcome.

Also, don't touch any of the green slime, please. I'm working on it.

May. 23rd, 2015


If everyone could just go puppy pile on Stiley, that'd be great. We broke up, and I don't want her and I know she does better not being alone even if she refuses to admit it.

Save the relationship lectures for Monday, when I'm not drunk or hungover? Because I busted out the chemistry tonight.

May. 6th, 2015


About half the time, I wake up absolutely convinced that I'm back in Atlanta. I still dream about it almost constantly -- Jaina can confirm. And yet, here I still am -- here we still are. It's kind of amazing to think of all that's happened since we got back.

I've been approved for alternative licensure and hired full-time at the academy. Mr. Ezra's getting preschoolers of his own starting in the fall.

May. 3rd, 2015


Okay, sea aliens from other dimensions I can handle, but werewolves?

[ooc; Pacific Rim!Teen Wolf! Profile here. Someone give me a Scott! ;____;]

Apr. 10th, 2015


This dress was Paulina, who isn't even designing yet in 2015. Not okay.

Alexander Argent, report. My now salt-covered two-year-old is settled very solidly into a grumpy mood, and I can't entirely blame him.

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