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September 2nd, 2015

[info]anewpath in [info]blackpoint

You lot ever think about what it'd be like if we didn't co-exist in our world and this one? If we were just here. Got to thinking about my son's future, and one little death of his da' puts the rest of his life on a path that ain't what I wanted for him.

Goddamn Templar. Templar. Birch, I'm damn glad Jenny killed you, even if I wanted to be the one to slide a knife in your throat.

Don't get me wrong, I'm damned thankful that Haytham gets a second chance here. That I get a second chance here. But it's more than a little alarming to know the shit your kid gets up to after you're long gone.

How the hell do you make amends with your toddler for an act you never would've forgiven him for in the future? Blame the ones who made him that way? How do you learn to stop blaming yourself for your children's future choices? 'Cause the drink ain't doing it.

[info]copinzomland in [info]blackpoint

It's been a long time since I used my Catholic upbringing but I don't remember being taught that Purgatory was so freaking weird. Portal. Whatever you want to call the doorway to the afterlife.

[ooc; My last Danny, I swear! Canon AU for the end of season 5. Homegrown terrorists released mutated rabies strain that made zombies instead of a nuclear threat that 5-0 stopped.]

[info]cunningwit in [info]blackpoint

Not quite what I expected for the afterlife, and you're all far more attractive than the demons I'm used to. Either what they're saying is true (which is rare, in my experience) or the Fade has certainly stepped up it's game.

[info]adarkangel in [info]blackpoint

Anyone looking for a date for the night?