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[Sat Mar 1, 08
:37am ]

| A Quick Update |

I had to put the production of this community on hiatus do to RL things going crazy. I plan to get it started very soon, however, by posting a few of the icons (and PB lists) that I have collected and made of 'minority' PBs. Anyone can post here as long as the icons cater to 'minority' PBs and characters.



[Sat Mar 1, 08
:18am ]

| A Basic Understanding |

Black Icons is meant to be a collection of icons that players can easily navigate through to find PBs for their 'minority' characters. This community was made for the purpose of exchanging icons and posting 'minority' PBs. It is not meant to bash, exclude, or preach hate on the 'majority'.

1. You may post your own icons of 'minority' PBs.
2. You may use any icons that I post.
3. You may request links to icons of 'minority' PBs.
4. You may request PBs for certain 'minority' characters.
5. You may pimp your 'minority' character looking for a RPG.
6. You may not spam, bash, or cause any kind of wank.

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