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    Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
    7:32 pm
    Black Gold LIVE Interview this Saturday, March 22!!
    The rumors are true!

    Join Black Gold band members Eric Ronick & Than Luu for thier first live interview this Saturday, March 22 at 3pm EST on BlogTalkRadio. com!

    Learn everything you wanted to know about Black Gold...their likes, dislikes, and plans for 2008! Best of all, we’ll be taking your live calls! All you have to do is call in during the show (347-838-9249) between 3pm and 4pm EST and you could speak directly to the band.

    Too shy to call in? No problem! Post your question with our street team here: http://blog. myspace. com/index. cfm?fuseaction=blog. view&friendID=203931936&blogID=366271948.

    Oh and by the way...we will be debuting at least one unreleased studio track from the new, upcoming album Rush!

    This is a podcast you don’t want to miss! For more information go to www. blogtalkradio. com/blackgold or click the banner below!


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    Thursday, January 8th, 2009
    7:00 pm
    This is the first and original livejournal community for Black Gold.

    Here you can find tour updates, pictures, icons and common flailing over the band. Come on in, join the comm and enjoy yourself! :)

    As for myself and my co-mod Jimmy [info]i_am_tre I'd like to wish you a pleasant stay and-- (and since when did I begin sounding like a flight attendant?? D:) Anyways. :D

    Find out more about Black Gold on their MySpace, listen to the tracks and fall in love immediately! (happened to me at least..)

    Eric has informed me they have a record coming out in April or so, and now we're just bouncing on our heels and waiting for it.

    Invite your friends too, snatch banners from the profile and spread the love! <3

    Once more, welcome!

    - Satu [info]sateenmusta

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