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Theme # 7: 5 of 6
Title: Playtime

Author: [info]testdog65 aka Ellen

Timeframe: Season 1

Warnings: NC-17

A/N: Thank you to [info]xie_xie_xie for the beta!

“So, guess what Daphne and I did today?”

“Played on the monkey bars at the playground?” Brian barely looks up from the computer screen where most of his attention has been focused for the last hour.

“Nooo. We were on-line, looking at… toys.”

“How sweet. Barbies and GI Joes.”

“Not those kind of toys, Brian.” Justin rolls his eyes dramatically and then continues in an almost reverent tone. “Sex toys.”

“Why, Sunshine. I’m strangely proud. So, what did you order?”

“Uh, well… We didn’t actually order anything… yet. I mean, we were going to, but then Daphne’s mom walked in and, well, it sort of killed the mood.”

“There was a mood? You’re starting to worry me now.”

Justin ignores Brian’s sarcasm and continues. “Anyway, I wasn’t really sure what to order. I mean there was so much to choose from, and…”

Brian finally looks away from his work to see Justin lying sprawled on the couch, legs thrown over the end and his t-shirt riding up to reveal a sliver of pale skin. He’s staring up at the ceiling with a slight frown on his face.

“And?” Brian prompts.

Justin sighs. “I wasn’t really sure which one I’d like the best. I mean, it’s not like I’ve had a lot of experience… with toys.”

Brian clicks ‘Save’ on the opened file and then shuts down the computer. He’s suddenly much more interested in the conversation. “I see. Well, perhaps we should do something about that?”

“Huh?” Justin looks over towards Brian, confusion painting his features. It’s replaced very quickly by a look of anticipation as he notices that Brian’s full attention is now centered on him.

Brian rises from his desk chair and makes his way to the bedroom. Justin scrambles off the couch and hurries after him, wondering if it would seem too eager to completely undress. He’s still debating when he mounts the last step and sees Brian on the far side of the bed. He’s kneeling in front of an open drawer that pulls out from underneath the platform, and Justin’s surprised he hasn’t noticed that before. He rounds the corner of the bed and his eyes widen at the sight in front of him.

“Wow. That’s… an amazing collection.” Justin’s entire focus is on the contents of the drawer as he drops to his knees next to Brian. Without missing a beat, he reaches a hand out to the objects in the drawer, but pauses before actually touching anything.

“Wow,” Justin says again, this time picking up a dildo and examining it with such rapt attention that Brian almost laughs. But he doesn’t. Instead, he watches as Justin takes in all the objects before him. He returns the dildo and reaches for another. But before he picks it up, his hand changes course and he grabs a butt plug instead.

“This one is shorter. I saw these on the website. Butt plug, right?”

“Mmhm. See how it’s curved here? When it’s in all the way, it pushes against your prostate with just the right amount of pressure.”

Justin’s breathing has increased and Brian watches as his chest rises and falls while he examines the butt plug, slowly running his finger along its length and over the tip. Brian knows that Justin’s thinking about exactly how the plug will feel when inserted. His dick twitches at the thought of using it on Justin.

Justin returns the plug and surveys the contents of the drawer again. This time he reaches for an object that makes his brow furrow as he tries to figure out what it’s for. It’s a series of six round balls, graduated in size and connected together. There’s a ring at one end, attached to the largest of the balls. Justin dangles the object by the ring, curiosity blatantly evident on his face.

“Know what those are?” Brian’s voice is rough at the edges, and he’s watching Justin intently as he examines the toy.

“No. I… We must not have gotten to that part of the website.” Justin’s fingers stoke delicately down the smooth surface, still unsure of exactly what the toy’s purpose is.

“Anal beads.” Brian says. But doesn’t offer anything further.

“Yeah. I got that they must go… there. But, what…”

Brian reaches out and takes the toy from Justin’s hands as he interrupts the question. “You push them in, one at a time… slowly. Each one’s a little bigger than the last, so when they’re all the way in, you can feel them pressing against the tight spaces inside of you. And when you move, they shift and rub, pushing and rolling, making you want more. But the best part,” Brian pauses and Justin swallows audibly as he watches Brian’s long fingers play expertly over the surface of the beads. “The best part is when you come. You pull them out one by one as you’re shooting. The orgasm is fucking intense.”

Justin’s practically panting now. He licks his lips. “Brian?”

Before he can even finish asking, they’re on the bed, naked. Justin’s on his back, and the toy has been placed next to him, well within reach.

Brian wants to laugh at Justin’s eagerness, but that would be kind of hypocritical, and besides, he’s too distracted by Justin’s pale skin contrasted against the rich blue of the duvet, cock already hard and leaking against his stomach.

“Spread your legs.” Justin complies as he watches Brian coat the beads with a liberal amount of lube.

“Pull your knees up. Yeah… like that.” Brian squeezes a second helping of lube onto his fingers and reaches forward to coat Justin’s tight hole. Justin gasps at the sensation of cool slickness and moves his hand to his cock automatically.

“Uh, uh, uh,” chides Brian. “No touching or you’ll come before we even start this.”

Justin huffs in frustration but obediently removes his hand.

Brian continues to play at Justin’s entrance, slowly working the lube inside, making sure he’s nice and wet. Brian’s own cock grows harder as he works.

Justin can’t keep still and steadily rocks his hips down onto Brian’s fingers. His head is thrown back, and his tongue slips out to wet his lips.

Brian withdraws his fingers, giving Justin’s hole a final caress before leaving him completely. Without warning, he’s lying fully on top of Justin, their cocks aligned, as Brian kisses Justin’s mouth, hungry and demanding. The sudden feel of skin on skin has both of them writhing and grasping as the kiss continues.

Finally, Brian pulls away and picks up the beads, glistening with lube. “You ready?” It’s a rhetorical question, which is good, because Justin has gone silent as he stares at the toy dangling from Brian’s hand.

Brian pushes Justin’s legs further apart, letting his hand linger on the soft skin of Justin’s thigh. He moves his fingers back to Justin’s hole, slipping one just inside, but pulling it out again quickly. Justin moans.

Using the fingers of one hand to spread Justin wide, he places the first bead, the smallest in the chain, against Justin’s entrance. Justin moans again and pushes forward. The bead slides in quickly and they both gasp.

“Stop being so impatient,” Brian warns, but he’s already pushing the second bead in as Justin squirms. He’s grasping the covers in each fist in an effort to keep from touching himself. Brian is fully aware of Justin’s struggle. His eagerness is nothing new. And while instant gratification has its place, Brian has taken a few opportunities now to show Justin the pleasure that can be found in waiting.

The next bead is large enough that it requires some extra pressure before it’s fully inserted. Justin takes deep breaths while Brian keeps pushing forward.

“That’s three. You ready for the next one?”

“Yeah,” Justin pants. “More”. He arches his hips slightly in his eagerness and licks his bottom lip.

Brian pushes the forth bead against Justin’s hole, watching as the puckered skin stretches around it. His other hand is on Justin’s belly now, rubbing in soothing circles as he keeps the pressure up. Justin inhales sharply as the bead fully enters him, his hips now completely off the bed as he squirms in pleasure.

Brian’s hand on his stomach pushes Justin back to the bed, but he can’t seem to hold himself still. He undulates and rocks as the beads move inside him. He still has a firm grip on the sheets and Brian watches him struggle to follow orders and not touch himself.

“Brian, please. I need… More. Just… touch me. Please, touch me.”

“Shhh, Justin. Not yet.” Brian moves his hands down over the silky smooth skin of Justin’s thighs, brushes his fingers lightly against his balls, already tight with need, and then back up, avoiding Justin’s straining cock as it jumps at the near-contact. Justin almost whimpers as he tries to shift into Brian’s touch. It doesn’t work.

“That’s four. Can you take another one?” There’s a rough edge to Brian’s voice as he runs his hands up Justin’s chest and palms his nipples. Justin takes a few shallow breaths before responding.

“Yeah… Yeah, one more. Do it.” And Justin spreads his legs wider as he draws his knees up.

Brian’s cock pulses at the sight of Justin before him. Spread out and panting, ass full of beads, hips grinding in pleasure from the internal caress. He has the sudden urge to pull the beads out and replace them with his cock. Right. The fuck. Now. He takes a deep breath and forces the impulse back.

Brian positions the fifth bead at Justin’s entrance and pushes steadily forward. Justin’s groan is loud as he rocks downward in an effort to apply counter-pressure. The bead is the largest one yet, and with the other beads already inside Justin, Brian knows that adding this next one is going to be intense.

“Slow down, Justin. You’re getting too eager. Let me do the work.” This time Justin’s groan is tinged with frustration.

Brian continues to push the bead against Justin’s hole, watching as the skin stretches to accommodate its thickness. When the widest part has passed, Justin’s ass takes over the challenge, drawing the bead in. Brian’s cock throbs.

Justin’s panting with need now as his hips rock into a fuck that isn’t there. His eyes are shut tight and his muscles are straining with unreleased tension.

“Is that all of them? Did I do it?”

“There’s one more, but that’s enough for today. Little boys need to learn how to pace themselves.”

Little boys don’t play with these kinds of toys,” Justin responds through clenched teeth. “Give me the last one, Brian. I can take it.”

Brian pushes back his sudden need to come and lightly runs his fingers over the puckered skin of Justin’s entrance.

“You’re not ready for that much, Justin. Relax. Tell me how it feels.”

“Uuuhhh. So good, Brian. So fucking good. I’m so full, and… I can feel them. Like you said. Pushing against me. Rubbing against all the places… The places you touch inside of me when you finger me. When your cock’s buried inside me. Oh, god, Brian. Oh, fuck.”

Justin’s face is painted in ecstasy, his hips undulating to an internal beat that only he can hear. His breathing is irregular and he’s making noises that have Brian’s cock leaking on his thighs. The scene is too much, and Brian finds himself stroking his dick to the rhythm of Justin’s hips. It distracts him just long enough for Justin to reach for the last bead and press it against his entrance. But before he can force it inside, Brian’s hand is on his wrist, stopping him.

“Justin. You’re not ready for the last one. Trust me.”

“Trust me, Brian. I know I can take it. I want it. Please, let me.” Justin’s struggling against Brian’s grip, pushing his hips down, trying any way he can to get the last bead inside of him. Brian’s torn between ending this immediately and letting Justin find out the hard way just how much he can and can’t take. But the decision is made for him when Justin moans with a carnal hunger that goes straight to his pulsing cock.

Brian moves his hand away, and says, “You control it Justin. Go slow. You don’t have anything to prove, so stop if it’s too much. Do you hear me Justin? I need to know that you hear what I’m saying to you.”

Justin doesn’t answer right away and Brian starts to halt Justin’s actions. But before he can, Justin speaks, voice nothing but a hoarse whisper. “I hear you. I promise I’ll stop if it’s too much.” Even before he finishes speaking, he’s pushing the last bead further in.

Brian watches as he struggles to accommodate the largest bead. Justin keeps the pressure of his hand steady as he rocks down against the smooth, round surface, taking just a little more with each push forward. Finally, at the widest part, he stops, opens his eyes and stares straight at Brian, face flushed and eyes snapping with determination. Brian meets his stare and waits.

“Watch me, Brian. Watch me do it.” And Brian’s eyes refocus on the bead as Justin gives it one final push, letting his body do the work as he takes it inside.

It’s Brian who moans this time as he reaches out and runs a single finger around Justin’s entrance, closed up tight again, but this time with all the beads buried inside him. All the fucking beads. Jesus.

Brian presses the palm of his hand flat against Justin’s hole, the ring from the end of the string of beads threaded through his fingers, and gives a small push. Justin gasps and pushes back against the pressure.

“More. Brian, do it again.” And Brian does. Again and again as Justin rocks down against his palm, Brian pushes up with gentle pressure, knowing that the beads are shifting and rolling inside of Justin, massaging all of the deep recesses, pressing against every place inside where Justin loves to be touched and stroked.

“So hot like this, Justin. So fucking hot.”

Justin’s movements are growing erratic, and he finally pants out, “Need to come, Brian. Please.”

Brian moves quickly, one hand grasping the ring at the end of the chain of beads just outside of Justin’s hole. His other hand encircles Justin’s cock, which throbs in his hand.

Brian begins a steady movement with his hand, jacking Justin’s cock at a pace he knows he likes and watching as Justin’s brow furrows and his stomach tenses. He steals a look towards Justin’s feet in time to see his toes curl, and Brian takes his cue. He begins pulling against the beads.

Justin’s orgasm builds deep from within his core, rolling out as a wave of intense heat and pressure. It’s almost more than he can take, and as he cries out from the overwhelming force of it, there’s a sudden surge of euphoric release as Brian removes the first bead. Another wave begins. More pressure, more heat and that amazing sense of release. Again and again the waves roll through him, swelling and cresting as Brian slides out the beads, perfectly timed with the rhythm and pulse of Justin’s body.

Finally, with only one bead remaining inside him, Justin sinks back against the bed, drifting on the carnal remnants of awareness. And with the spark of the last aftershock, Brian pulls out the bead, watching as Justin experiences a final wave of sensation.

Brian’s still rock hard and panting, Justin debauched and sated before him only adding to his now desperate need. The hand that was attending to Justin’s dick is dripping with come and Brian uses it as he wraps it around his own needy and throbbing cock. One stroke, two and the slick wetness of Justin’s come combined with the tightness of his own fist brings him over with a powerful rush of release. Justin, still mostly incoherent, grunts as he feels Brian’s come, hot and thick, splashing over his belly and his softening dick.

Brian collapses on the bed, and doesn’t protest when he feels Justin roll towards him, doing what someone who is not Brian would call cuddling.

“Wow.” Justin’s voice is soft but reverent in the dark stillness of the bedroom.

They lie together in silence for a few minutes and Brian’s sure that Justin is drifting off to sleep. So he’s surprised when he speaks again, cocky and a bit too full of himself.

“Teach you to underestimate me,” Justin says, the smile evident in his voice.

Brian huffs out a small laugh as he brings his hand up to stroke the skin of Justin’s arm. He thinks about answering, but remains silent as they both drift off to sleep.
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