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[Feb 17th, 10 5:51 pm
25-year-old Roxana Perry had studied medicine through most of her young adult life. She was born and raised on the outskirts of Paris with her parents and younger sister, Zara Perry, and had shown a great deal of potential at a young age. Her father was killed by Raiders when she was 8 years old, and her mother later succumbed to ovarian cancer when she was 14. She had been admitted into the University of Paris when she was 17 years old, and proceeded to spend the next six years as a student and intern at the local hospital. When she was 24, she was transferred to the newly rebuilt City of Lisbon to be a permanently-stationed nurse, taking her little sister with her so that she might be able to continue looking after her. She caught the attention of one Isaak Mamonov, a Russian man who was working for the Government at the time, and the two began dating. Unfortunately, it hadn't been long after their move that Lisbon was overrun by Raiders and transformed from a peaceful, lively City into a dilapidated underworld. Renamed Cidade dos Mortos, it had been perhaps Isaak's influence that had been the only thing that spared her. Sadly, his "influence" turned out to not only be in Government politics, but also in his work with the Moscow mafia.

In a last ditch effort to save herself and her sister, Roxana killed Isaak via lethal injection, and attempted to escape the City with Zara and information on various Government employees who had also been working with Moscow. Just before they made it out, they were cut off by a group of Raiders that had been hired by the Rostislav family to kill her and reclaim the information. Roxana was forced to leave her sister and the incriminating documents behind to escape the City alone. Now, she wanders the wastes as a medic, disguising her identity with the clever use of gas masks and boob tape baggy clothes. She offers her services for a reasonable fee to anyone who seeks it, but is constantly armed with a variety of knives and a single pistol that belonged to her late boyfriend.

I'm looking for friends, acquaintances, or people she's helped out before! She's a bit standoffish and hardly approachable, but she definitely cares about the well-being of most people who wander the wastes. She might also have travelled with a variety of different groups, though she very rarely willingly goes around with Raiders or Rebels. She does have a bunch of enemies in the mafia, I'm sure, as well as a bounty on her head so... anyone who happens to be a bounty hunter or something will likely have heard of her.

If you're interested in this line and want to discuss it more, you can reach me on AIM at space objects - thank you!
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[Feb 17th, 10 4:33 pm

At 32 years old, she has accomplished what most Wastelanders can only hope to. She has successfully avoided death and rape, has not suffered from any horrible physical mutations and has managed to become the leader of a notorious group of Raiders. While most might find this both terrifying and impressive, it should be noted that she has not always been a Raider. Before she went batshit, she was the youngest daughter in the Greene family, a politically influential family hailing from England. Years of studying later, she was a doctor for the World Government, specialising in behavioural modification and other psychological areas; in 2051, during a particularly violent session with a patient, she discovered the existence of "The Wasteland Butcher," also known as Kilo or RIP. At first, she brushed it off as being the ramblings of an insane Raider, but the more she studied into the nature of this Wasteland Butcher, the more involved she became until finally, in 2053, she too snapped. In a fit of rage-induced madness, she killed her husband, Jacob Woods and disappeared from their estate. Though she was thought to be deceased after a year of searching, she reappeared once more, this time under the employ of the Butcher himself.

As of late 2056, following the capture and execution of the Butcher, Harley made it her own personal mission to royally own the Government and any Government supports. Now the self-proclaimed Queen of the Wastes, she heralds over Kilo's gang as well as District Hearse in Cidade dos Mortos.

I'm looking for members of her Raiding group, maybe some victims, or some friends that she used to have before she went insane! Family members, co-workers, acquaintances – anything! She's been a Raider for about four years, so there's plenty of room for a lot of stuff.

If you're interested in this line and want to discuss it more, you can reach me on AIM at space objects - thank you!
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[Feb 17th, 20 3:44 pm

Welcome to the Bitter Season lines community! Here, you can advertise for lines for whatever character you're thinking about bringing into our game. Before you dive right into it, please make sure you've taken a little look at our website, and take a look at our requested characters list too. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave them at our drop box!

All posts are public, and all entries will be sorted by tag. Happy storylining!

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