Oct. 2nd, 2007


Mod Post

First and foremost, I'm sorry I haven't been doing a whole lot to get this community active. Besides suffering from a veritable buffet of mental health issues, I also have physical health issues that equal chronic pain. I'm working on a plan to start doing a weekly question kind of thing, so we can all get to know one another better.

Having said that, your mod needs your help. The physical health issues I spoke of earlier? Well, I'm in quite the clusterfuck in dealing with them, because I haven't been able to work for a year and can't afford the surgeries required to correct the problems, even with my local teaching university giving me some financial assistance.

I don't like asking for handouts or contributions, so I developed a rather unorthodox plan to achieve my goal.

Please check out [info]projectdownload for more information and if you feel comfortable, passing it on to your friends.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is well and safe and like I said, look more from me in the future regarding getting this place a bit more active.

Much love,

Aug. 24th, 2007


an introduction to your friendly local dele

cut for what will probably end up being rambling about my mental health experiences )

It's cool that there's this asylum. Thanks, mod!

Aug. 23rd, 2007


Update on mental health communities

After some careful research, I discovered there wasn't a community for panic/anxiety. So, I've gone ahead and created one. [info]panicandanxiety has the same basic rules as [info]ocd and [info]bipolar. All of these communities are safe spaces and this is something I will not treat lightly.

Aug. 21st, 2007


And now, an introduction from the mod

Hi everyone and welcome to [info]bipolar. I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself and ask that you guys do the same, if you're inclined.

After years of being misdiagnosed, I was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder last year. Now that I'm taking medication appropriate to my situation, I'm starting to feel more like myself.

But, like I said, it's only been about a year since my diagnosis, so I'm learning new things every day. I'm starting to notice when I cycle, I'm learning to separate happiness from a manic episode. It's a constant challenge, but it's better than where I was before.

I also suffer from severe anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. I won't even get into my physical health issues, but let's just say every day is an adventure.

Anyway, welcome to all of you that have joined thus far. I'm committed to keeping this community a safe space to discuss issues related to BPD. If at any time there is something I can do to improve things here, please let me know.