User: [info]black_fury
Date: 2007-08-04 00:11
Subject: Page-A-Mod
Security: Public
Tags:mod post, page-a-mod

I took this idea from lifeonmartha @ LJ (who took it from time_and_chips @ LJ) because this is a great idea and a very easy way to get a hold of the mods. And it'll probably work a lot quicker than e-mail.

If you have a complaint, feel a poster/commenter is being offensive, you have questions about what's acceptable to post or how to post, you think someone has broken a rule of our community, you want to report someone for trolling, or just have question for us-- please leave a comment to this post.

All comments are screened and will only be viewed by moderators unless otherwise requested.

If you'd like for us to get back to you, please leave your e-mail address so we can contact you, and we will as soon as possible. And you can also always get a hold of us at if you'd prefer to go straight through e-mail. Other contact information is also listed in the community's userinfo.

[info]black_fury & [info]gryffinclaw

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User: [info]black_fury
Date: 2007-08-04 00:09
Subject: Affiliates
Security: Public
Tags:affiliates, mod post

Want to affiliate with [info]bill_fleur?

Drop us a post with a link to your community and we'll check it out and will affiliate with you.

It's not necessary to use our affiliate icon, but if you'd like to, this is what we have availiable right now:

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User: [info]black_fury
Date: 2007-08-04 00:07
Subject: Welcome!
Security: Public
Tags:mod post, welcome

Welcome to the newly created community for people who love Bill/Fleur!

Please make sure to check out the user info before posting. There are some handy tools there to use when you're posting your fanfics, fanart, fanvids, or fanmixes as well as info on how to make a LJ cut if you don't already know.

As we get affiliates, we'll also be linking them in our user info so you'll have a handy list of links. If you want to affiliate with us, see this post or email us at

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