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Introductions [
February 18th, 2008 ï 7:58pm

Well, well, well. The former champ is here! I can't imagine there are people left in the pro-wrestling universe that don't know who I am, but maybe that's not the point of this. For those of you who have been living in a sports-entertainment-free zone, my name is John Cena, WWE superstar, one-man merchandising bonanza, and the avowed enemy of the older, maler set. I was lured here by the wiles of my more internet-savvy friends, but I have to say, I'm kind of liking the look of this place. Maybe some curtains, maybe some doilies, some crazy Ultimate Warrior posters, a nice weight-lifting bench. It could be nice. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the sharing, people. Let's get it on!

If you want to find me on AIM, the handle is JACenaChamp.
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Candywrapped CM [
February 17th, 2008 ï 2:25pm

[ mood | happy ]

One-time WWE Women's Champion, Playboy covergirl, PWI Woman of the Year 2007, Female of the Year 2007, PWI's Most Improved Wrestler of the Year 2007, inventor of the Candylicious, proud Cheesehead, former fetish model, divorcee, hairspray addict, Libra, and now officially bored.

Hey, everyone. I thought I'd come join in the journalling fun. I'm not 100% sure how to work all these things yet, and I only have five icons, which sucks. But hey, I'll learn in time, right?

I would say I'm a pretty friendly gal, and I'd love to get to know you all better. Feel free to hit me up WHENEVER at Candywrapped CM. Later!

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