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June 24th, 2008

RP: Teatime with Pansy

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Date: 24 June 2006
Characters: Pansy Parkinson, Polly Parkinson, Morag Dolohova, mentions of Harry Potter, Millicent Bulstrode, Justin Finch Fletchley, and Ella Bulstrode (others add your tags)
Location: 212 Cicero Lane, Hogsmeade
Private/Public: Private
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mentions of potion abuse
Summary: It's the day Pansy invited everyone she knew to tea. At least all the girlfriends and mummies that she a Superhero.

Tea for....a bunch )

June 6th, 2008

RP: Welcome to our new home

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Date: 7 June 2006
Characters: Morag Dolohova, Antonin Dolohov, Dora Tonks Lupin, Megan Jones, Heather Jones, Anthony Goldstein, Kevin Entwhistle, Pansy Parkinson, Polly Parkinson, Miles Bletchley, Daphne Greengrass Bletchley, Liam Bletchley, Gabrielle Delacour, others add your tags
Location: the Morrigan, docked at the edge of the lake by Hogsmeade, and area around dock
Private/Public: Private
Rating: ?
Warnings: ?
Summary: Morag and Antonin show off their new home to friends and acquaintances.

Lake Party )

May 2nd, 2008

RP: Uncle Theo's house...

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Date: 2 May 2006
Characters: Padma, Daphne, Liam, Nathaniel, Nigel, Theo
Location: Nott Manor
Private/Public: Private
Rating: G
Warnings: -
Summary: Padma finally has some guests, and gets to show off her beautiful son! Liam gets to play with Uncle Theo's horses!

Welcome to the house of fun )
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