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June 10th, 2008

June 10th, 2008

RP: Big Brothers!

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Date: 9 June 2006
Characters: Liam, Colin
Location: Honeydukes
Private/Public: Private
Rating: G
Warnings: cuteness
Summary: Liam tells Uncle Colin his big news. (well, Daddy and Daphne's news)

can anyone say excitable? )

RP: A visit to the healer and good news to share

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Date: 10 June 2006
Characters: Morag Dolohova, Heather Jones, Antonin Dolohov
Location: Heather's house (aka Anthony's old house) in Hogsmeade first, then Antonin's house on Dippett Drive
Private/Public: Private
Rating: tbd
Warnings: tbd
Summary: Morag goes to see Heather to find out if she's truly pregnant. Because how could she not know that? She's a Ravenclaw, for Merlin's sake, and trained in observation! Once she gets her good news, she sets out to tell Antonin.

How could I not have noticed?????? )

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Date:: June 10, 2006
Characters: Ernie, Terry, Ben and Bob
Location: Ernie’s estate
Private/Public: Private
Rating: R
Warnings: Sex
Summary: Terry, Ben and Bob come to spend a few days at Ernie’s estate.

“Estate” )
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