July 2nd, 2010

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{Posted 3 days after everybody got back to Bellum}

Hello, everyone! I feel so bad - I've been here for three days and I didn't even notice that we have a forum here for the building! I promise that I'm not unfriendly, though apparently I'm terrible with computers.

Anyway, my name is Gina, and I think you've all met my husband, Lucas. I'm a nurse currently working at the Orange County Hospital and I should have started yesterday but apparently you all managed to stress the nursing staff there into panic mode I had to start two days early so I've been really busy ever since my plane touched down on the runway.


On that note, I know that a lot of people living in this building are in the hospital. I can't even count how many I've met If any of you need a ride there to see somebody, let me know and you can come with me the next time I have a shift.

Since I don't want to end my first post on a sad note, I'd like to say thank you to whoever left cookies in the lobby! They're delicious. I look forward to meeting all of you in the future!

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[After returning from this epic adventure]

hey! babybabybabybabybabybabybabybaby!!! guess what? i want to plow you like an amish guy supporting his family

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[Posted on the 24th]

This is stupid I can't believe I'm Damn it.

Does anyone know anyone who's hiring?