May 13th, 2010

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How do I get myself into these things, how

There is something I need to ask you, but you cannot tell Daniel about it.

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{ Posted the morning after these shenanigans }

God is punishing me because of you. I hate you so much. Ffffuuuuuck

I got his name.

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I meant to check in with you after I got back but things have been busy. How'd the Moon go? And by the way can you help with

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I have said before, I cast stones for building. Sometimes, I see specific things and people. Perhaps you should be coming to my tea shop? I am thinking it would be better to talk there.

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I can't believe I'm even considering this. Excuse me while I choke on what's left of my pride.


Hate to bother you but you stole my wife so I figure I should be able to bother you any time I want, but I need a small illegal favor that I think you may be able to help me with. Can I ask for this and ask you not to ask me why?



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{ Posted in the afternoon after this nonsense }

Hey. I'm sorry that I'm a bitch Micah's a bitch everybody is bitchy I freaked weirded you out the other day.

Thanks for being awesome.

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This movie, it is playing at 7:20. You can be picking me up at 6:45. I will see you then.


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[The day after this, while Vlad is out 'running errands' - aka dealing with Boyd's money.]

If I do not tell you, then someone else will You need to hear it from me

I should have told you this in person, but it is [...] complicated, and I could not figure out exactly how to say it.

Boyd is currently involved in a problematic situation, and because of this Shane has been under a great deal of stress and became [...] rather unstable. She asked me to move him somewhere safe, so I restrained him and brought him somewhere where he cannot hurt himself or anyone else, until he can calm himself down again.

I thought you should hear it from me, considering the fact that once he wakes up he will not be pleased.

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[during this]

My most esteemed neighbor:

Do you know anything regarding the woman that tells fortunes?


[info]dierache in [info]bellumletale

can't hurt Upon doing a little reading on the boards, I've found consistently that the tenants here seem to have had little to no luck with the police. It wasn't my intention to advertise within the building, but under those circumstances, I see no reason not to.

I do private detective work. If anyone has the sort of problem they would generally go to the police for, feel free to stop by my office ([address]). You can always try me at my apartment, as well, though I'd prefer to know in advance if you plan on stopping in.

I specialize in homicide and missing persons, and I do not do divorce work.

I also won't spy on your spouse for you.

That caveat aside, I'll take on almost any kind of case. And, in case you were wondering, my fee for tenants in the building is nothing. I'd rather see some facsimile of harmony maintained than take your money.

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How do I make my computer start again like I bought it? It takes forever just to load a page.



[202 & what the hell, 706]

The librarians weren't sorry to see me go. I can't imagine why.


We might need to talk about hours.


I was at your beach again. It's not different every time you go, is it? I'm not messing it up, am I?

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Hey I found out the guy's name. Well, first name anyways.