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[FIC] Bleach - Having His Cake and Eating It Too (RenRuki, NC-17) [Sep 4th, 2007

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I spent all week on my vacation writing this and I'm just glad it's done and out of my hands. Wow! My first real RenRuki completed smut!!

My contribution to:

Title: Having His Cake and Eating It Too
Author: Beck ([info]beck)
Pairings or characters used: Renji/Rukia
Notes: This was inspired by a piece of art.
Warnings: Some swear words! SMUT! SEX! What more do you need??!!
Disclaimer: I don't see my name on the series.

And what a great birthday it is! )

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Anime/Fandom pairing Overview [Aug 14th, 2007

Beck Mongolian Chop Squad:
Ships: YukioxMaho

Black Blood Brothers

Black Lagoon
Ships: RockxRevy

Ships: RenjixRukia my OTP! I also co-mod at renji_rukia on LJ.
ShunsuixNanao, UraharaxYoruichi, HitsugayaxMatsumoto, IchigoxOrihime, and whatever tickles my fancy as I go along.

Darker Than Black:
Ships: November 11xMisaki

Devil May Cry

Fullmetal Alchemist:
Ships: RoyxRiza, EdxWinry

Full Metal Panic:
Ships: SousukexKaname, KurzxMelissa, DISLIKES Tessa!! >__<

Ghost Hunt

GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka:
Ships: OnizukaxFuyutsuki

Gundam Wing:
Ships: 3x11, 1xR, 4xC, 4x9, 6xD, any of the pilots (except Wufei) with Relena, 6x9, 13x11, and what little yaoi I like 1x3/3x1.

Ships: BrandonxMaria, HarryxSherry
I also own/moderate the gun_grave comm. on LJ.

Ships: VanxPriscilla, JoshuaxWendy

Martin Mystery
Ships: MartinxDiana

One Piece
Ships: LuffyxNami, SanjixRobin, am an Ace fangirl but overall love all the characters.

Saiunkoku Monogatari

Scrapped Princess:
Ships: FullexPacifica, ShannonxPacifica, ChrisxWinia

Sousei no Aquarion:
Ships: ApolloxSilvia, ApolloniusxSiren, PierrexChole

Tenjou Tenge:
Ships: NagixAya, BunshichixIsuzu, BobxChiaki, MitsuomixMaya

Ships: VashxMeryl, WolfwoodxMilly

Witch Hunter Robin:
Ships: AmonxRobin
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