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    Thursday, February 19th, 2009
    3:24 pm
    The Rock

    The Space Bazaar came to life as a large, unassuming space rock, only special because of how completely flat it managed to stay on top. It spent its time floating around space, not being pulled into any orbit through sheer luck, not doing anything to anyone.

    That is, until a rather odd alien arrived.

    The Bazaar

    This alien's name is lost to the mists of time, so most call him the Space Marketeer. It is said that he crashed his spaceship onto the rock, crippling it beyond repair. This alien must have been a very talented inventor, for instead of giving up after being stranded on a rock in the middle of space, he set to work.

    Remnants of his ship can be seen all throughout the bazaar; its engines buried into the rockface below, powering the bazaar from place to place; the life-support system hyper-extended to cover the whole rock; the skeleton of the rocket refurbished and lifted up to become a command centre.

    After a time, others found the rock. Rather than stumbling across the corpse of an alien and his destroyed ship, they found a house carved out of the rock-face and a smattering of parts that the alien quickly tried to sell to them. When asked why, it simply shrugged and said:

    " just seems like a good place of business."

    The Tech

    Over time and many trades, the place began to grow; other businesses settled on the rock, the life-support mechanism keeping the original alien alive being expanded and the place becoming much more livable. Engines were installed on the rock, pointing it towards the nearest planet to orbit, and things really began to grow.

    Eventually, as things do, the first alien died. But his bazaar lived on, a sprawling marketplace propelling itself between planets. Visitors came and went from the well-stocked spaceport, enjoying the prices and atmosphere and low level of law enforcement. Dubious practices went on behind closed doors, just like anywhere else, and after a time...odd visitors started showing up.

    Namely, visitors who didn't know how they got there.

    The Town

    The Space Bazaar is a big place, known for its oddities and fast construction; as long as you have money, you can get somewhere. Even if you don't, you can survive; so many guest rooms are left empty that any visitor can simply take a room and live there as long as they want.

    Since your character may not have come here on purpose - perhaps they walked through a door and ended up here, perhaps they woke up in the spaceport, perhaps they arrived on a rocket from a world that doesn't have space travel - they may be initially confused, but the Bazaar is full of helpful vendors and many other tourists. Or they can stay, making their home amongst every sort of merchandise in the galaxy.

    They can leave if they wish, but first, they'd better have their passport with them. You can buy one, but it'll cost you~

    The Deal

    - Character shows up, either through magical teleporting arrival like usual, or on a spaceship that lands at the spaceport.
    - Either way, character has a Credit Card with them, which keeps track of any money they have and earn while in the Space Bazaar.
    - Housing is free, since so much of the population is transitive. Just pick a room and crash there. Good luck finding one on your own, though! Roomies are almost essential.
    - Soonish after you arrive, a lobster with a handlebar mustache called Claus 'Claws' Pinchington III will approach you and give you a small earpiece. This is a Universal Translator and will allow you to understand the various vendors.
    - You can leave, but not without a Galaxy Passport. However, buying one will cost a lot of money, and applying for one will take a long time...
    11:25 am
    Original Character Application
    Fill this out with the details of your OC, and after review, we'll see if they're of sufficient quality to derp around in Space Bazaar. Fandom OCs are allowed - if you want to make a Pokemon trainer or a Hogwarts student, more power to ya - but they'll be subject to the same scrutiny as a regular OC.







    11:20 am
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