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October 27th, 2008

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Starring: Angie Gennaro and Patrick Kenzie

Rating: PG

Summary: Angie is woken by an unexpected phone call...

Status: Complete/Closed

October 17th, 2008

The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil.

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Starring: Jareau, Reid & Sawyer McClure
Rating: PG13
Summary: JJ & Spencer investigate the personal lives of the victims, and a new 'friend' assists them.
Status: Incomplete; open


It was humid. The South Carolina air was thick with heat and JJ could feel the cotton of her dress shirt beginning to stick to her back. She had gulped down three water bottles in the motel room just prior to leaving but she was still thirsty and constantly running to the bathroom of the small liquor store she was standing outside.

There had been another vicious killing; and the team was assembling to take on the tasks Hotch had laid out for them. This time the girl was barely eighteen and it hit close to home for JJ as she thought of her younger sister Joanna venturing out into the world now that she was eighteen and it made her stomach turn. The victim, Annmarie Tatum was like the others. Incredibly beautiful with a sunshine smile and starry eyes. JJ looked over her picture and then to the corpse, mutilated in the face beyond recognition and had to excuse herself to throw up.

At this point all the wanted was to be back at the motel room with Emily. The crime scene contained a wretched smell and a dark air of maliciousness. JJ and Spencer were set to interview people from the victims lives. Now JJ had to deliver the news of this girls death to her family and friends.

She sighed as she stepped off the porch of the liquor store, twisting her ponytail in her hands and looking around for Spencer Reid.

October 14th, 2008

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Starring: Angie & Aaron
Rating: PG13
Summary: Angie gets her land legs back as she settles for the night in her hotel room
Status: Incomplete; open


Angie didn't waste any time getting into the shower when she entered her motel room. The shower wasn't the greatest but at least she was able to clean herself up. She only had a long sleeve hockey jersey on as she walked out of the bathroom drying her hair with the towel. She was hoping for a good night's rest.

October 13th, 2008

The calm before the storm;;

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Starring: Emily & JJ
Rating: PG13
Summary: When the team is told to rest and rejoin at seven the following morning, JJ just wants to be with Emily.
Status: Incomplete; open


They were debriefed as usual, the police sat them down and gave them all the information they had. Hotch had given them assignments and then told the team to get to their rooms and rest before the morning call of seven AM. They'd work into the night and the following morning so JJ knew she needed some sleep; if she could peel herself from Emily.

"Motel?" JJ laughed as they pulled up to the adress provided with Morgan & Emily, Hotch & the others in the second SUV. "Ha, do they charge by the hour?"

Morgan chuckled,"Yeah you'd have a huge ass bill, wouldn't you? I remember last time you and Prentiss were told to share a room ya'll were in there for hour and hours on end."

JJ blushed, "I was debriefing her."

"...Literally," Morgan chuckled. JJ gasped and punched him in the arm. "No more from you, I don't want to hear it."

She turned back to Emily, "C'mon baby, lets' go to our room."

"C'mon baby" Morgan mocked before laughing again. JJ shouldered her bag and gave him a death glare as she slipped out of the car.

She waited for Emily and stood by the taillights of the SUV.

October 12th, 2008

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Starring: The BAU
Rating: PG13
Summary: The Bau embarks on their first case with their new agent.
Status: Incomplete; open

“No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.” - Oscar Wilde

JJ had grabbed her overnight bag and slipped on a dark peacoat, the weather was changing drastically and the leaves were varied hues of browns, yellows and reds as the season full slipped into fall. She walked next to Emily, glancing back at Spencer on occasion who already seemed to have dove himself into the case mentally. That and he seemed not quite like himself ever since she admitted she and Emily were seeing eachother; not only that but very seriously seeing one another.

She squinted through her rose tined glasses and then glanced at Emily, reaching over and squeezing her hand before pulling away so the she could start up the stairs of the jet after Rossi and Morgan. She plopped herself down in a seat at the table after she tossed her bag and then grabbed Emily's hand pulling her to sit next to her.

"it will be a very short flight," JJ reminded everyone. Under the table she kicked off her shoes and rested her legs over Emily's. Short flight didn't mean she couldn't get comfortable for the short period of time.

October 8th, 2008

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CHARACTERS: Chloe & Jamie
SUMMARY: The duo of new friends get their drink on.
STATUS: incomplete


Chloe nearly dove out of the cab in excitement.

"C'mon partner in crime, let's get our drink on."

She slipped into the bar which was oddly quiet but then she realized it was barely lunch time.

She sat herself down on a stool and smiled at the bartender.

"Captain and Coke please!"

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CHARACTERS: Hotch, Gennero, Prentiss, Reid, Jareau.
SUMMARY: JJ briefs the team on their latest case; and her love life
STATUS: incomplete

JJ watched as her team filled the meeting room, offering each individual a case file as they sat before grabbing the remote and flashing varied images on the screen.

"Arcadia Lakes, South Carolina," JJ began as she watched Garcia slip in. "Six victims so far, all women between the ages of twenty and thirty. The women's faces were viciously mutilated. Their eyes gouged out, hair chopped. The police reports claim these women were mutilated before they were ultimately stabbed in the chest, directly through the heart with an unidentified blade. Based on the chest wounds they are thinking it's some sort of specialty sword, a costume or novelty piece. Obviously sharp enough to inflict damage. The victims deaths span over a three week period. Toxicology reports do not show that any of the women were drugged. The last victim, Sheila Landers was found in the dumpster behind a Safeway grocery," JJ stated.

She flipped through the various images with her remote, giving the team a moment to let it sink in.

"Oh, not to mention Emily and I are in a relationship and living together."

She figured it was easiest just to blurt it.

Garcia was the one to take notice of JJ's statement first, her head lifting so fast JJ was fearful she got whiplash.

"Morgan owes me fifty dollars!"

October 7th, 2008

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CHARACTERS:  Emily, Audrey, Chloe
SUMMARY:  Audrey explains her situation, in the car
STATUS: incomplete


The drive to the clinic wasn't going to be a long one, but Emily thought it prudent to use the time to get Audrey to elaborate on the reason she was in Virginia.  She certainly wasn't going to be in a car with her sister and her sister's daughter to talk about herself.

Putting the key in the ignition, Emily started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. 

"This is as private as it's going to get for now, Audrey.  Why is Chloe's father stalking you?"

October 6th, 2008

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CHARACTERS: JJ, Emily, Jamie, Audrey & Chloe
SUMMARY: JJ gets a whole squad of supporters at the clinic.
STATUS: incomplete.


JJ managed to get back down to Emily's car before it was towed or ticketed, she didn't bother parking it in her spot because she didn't realize she'd be so long upstairs. She had Jamie in tow, driving the fifteen minutes back to the clinic which was on the same stretch of land owned by Quantico.

She flashed her badge and managed to find a spot once they were inside the gated facilities.

She tagged against the glass of the window, "That building is where I work," she said, looking to the FBI offices that homed her team.

She undid her seatbelt and smiled, "Come on then, Emily hopefully found a way out of work and is waiting for us."

She slipped into the building, checking back to see if Jamie was following.

She made her way to her doctors office and pushed the door in and her smile grew when she was Emily waiting.

She practically skipped over to Emily, placing a sweet kiss on her lips.

"You made it."

Patiently Waiting.

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SUMMARY: JJ gets an unexpected visitor.
STATUS: incomplete.


The cab pulled up to the front of the address Jamie had provided earlier. She paid the driver, who had been hitting on her the entire ride from the airport. She ignored the majority of his advances but not enough that he didn't give her a discount on the ride. She took his number and promised to call and once he helped her to the doors of the apartment complex and scurried back to the cab, she tossed it in the nearest trash can. With her sweet face and famous patented pout she got the doorman to let her up to her sisters apartment to wait in front of her door.

She pulled out her iPod and pressed play on her Rock Out playlist. She propped her bags up against the wall and rested her legs on them as she laid her head on her oversized bag. She was singing along to Paramore's Decode when she heard the elevator doors ding and swing open.

October 5th, 2008

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Working hard, or hardly working?

CHARACTERS: Spencer Reid, anyone.
SUMMARY: Reid attempts to get caught up on some paperwork and such things.
STATUS: incomplete

Spencer swore the blinking curse on the computer screen was mocking him. Just waiting there impatiently for him to type something that wasn’t coming anytime soon. Call it a mental block or not enough caffeine and sugar on board just yet to function, whatever, it was really started to cause the good doctor some distress. He started to lightly tap the eraser end of a pencil on his desk as his mind wandered in all kinds of crazy directions.

First he started to thinking about Derek and his empty chair. It would probably stay that way for at least another hour or so. Unless of course Derek decided to actually take a personal day and grab some well deserved rest. Something Reid himself had thought of doing before realizing that rest in any form was just a distant day dream for him. He would probably just end up reorganizing the bookshelves in his apartment instead of catching up on sleep.

Sleep was a touchy subject for Reid. It never came easily and it was never that amazing rejuvenating thing others spoke of. No, sleep for Spencer Reid was riddled with memories and nightmares that his mind refused to let him forget. His memory: a gift and a curse.

Then his mind wondered to Emily and his best friend, JJ. Both seemed to be running late together for the past few days. Although, if it wasn’t for Gracia pointing it out, he probably never would have become suspicious of the pair. He would have simply chalked it up to JJ being pregnant and Emily for actually getting stuck in traffic. But once the evidence was laid out in front of him, it seemed almost clear as day to him.

He sighed loudly before snapping himself out of his daze and went back to willing the words to appear on the screen.

Just another day at the office?

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CHARACTERS: Agent Hotchner, you?
SUMMARY: The start of another work day.
STATUS: incomplete


Aaron Hotchner groaned as one of the interns slammed the door to an adjoining office and it caused his ears to ring. He'd taken a few days off to rest and pull himself together but every now and then his ear would bother him again. Not nearly as bad as the previous instances that sent him doubling over in pain; but enough to cause a scowl to appear and a groan to escape his lips.

Aside from the younger crowd, the interns gathering office supplies and spreading gossip, the office was quiet. JJ & Emily would blame the traffic for their late arrivals and he wouldn't be surprised if Garcia was sound asleep in her office. They had a new agent starting work that day as well and he had the feeling he would have a lot on his plate over the coming week. JJ had a tall stack of cases to go through and Aaron was curious to see where she'd send the team this time.

There was a knock on the door, one that didn't quite bother his ear but it did grab his attention.

October 4th, 2008

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CHARACTERS: Angie & Emily [for now]
SUMMARY: Angie spends time at the pub
STATUS: incomplete


Angie had been in Quantico, Virginia, for several hours now, she would be starting the BAU tomorrow and should she be as nervous as she was? She already knew most of the team she'd be working with so it should be easy settling in. Though something was nagging her as she swirled the dark liquid in her shot glass and downed it. Grabbing her cell phone from her pocket she called a friend, Emily Prentiss, hoping she wasn't still working.

October 1st, 2008

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RATING: R [sexual situations]
SUMMARY: Hormones, snuggles, 'carpooling', showers and morning routines, oh my.
STATUS: incomplete.


Jennifer Jareau had become rather multifarious as of late. A Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde of the petite, blonde and pregnant sort. In her pregnancy she had now adopted several personalities that appeared at random times. There was the sick and miserable side which left her praying to the porcelain goddesses and wondering why it was called morning sickness when it happened at four in the afternoon too. Then there was the insatiable little minx who struck at all hour of the nights with needs and wants and the libido of an adult film star. Then there was the JJ who stared in the mirror and had a full blown hissy fit over how fat she was, fulfilling the common stereotypes of a pregnant woman. There was also the JJ who pranced around like some fairytale princess a la Enchanted and one might wonder looking at her if she could whistle and have a bunch of animals come to her aid. However it seemed the easily frustrated and angered personality too hold the most.

Thus was the case this morning when she stood in front of the full length mirror of Emily's closet and groaned. Yes, the closet of Emily Prentiss. She could no longer possibly deal with the thought of being Will's barefoot and pregnant soon to be wife while he talked about Gator jerky and lemonade on Grandaddy's porch. Her team thought she was brave for pulling the single mother card; and as much as they wouldn't admit it relieved because it meant she'd be around much more. What they didn't know was that she was not in fact pulling the single mother card because she was not single, nor raising her baby alone. She had Emily, and she couldn't have asked for a better partner.

She turned in front of the mirror, fresh out of the shower and only wearing a black bra and some matching lacy panties. Her full lips formed a pout as she wondered how the hell her stomach could have gone to look like she was smuggling an orange to smuggling a cantaloupe seemingly overnight. She huffed and twisted her damp hair to let it lay between her shoulder blades. She felt fat and unattractive and wondered if her section of clothes hanging in Em's closet would even still fit her. She was definitely showing now. Though, on the positive she did not have stretch marks.

She pulled herself away from the mirror and over to the bed and Emily's sleeping form. She crawled in behind her, making a valiant attempt to lighten her own mood by leaving over her lover and placing a soft sweet kiss on her lips. Like some sort of sapphic fairytale.

"Wake up, sleeping beauty," she whispered against her lips.

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