Jun. 18th, 2010


Torchwood Challenge - ripped pants

Am watching the extras on "An Evening With John Barrowman" just saw the clip where he splits his pants on stage. Very funny, but now I want stories where one of the TW crew split the pants...anyone up for it?


Torchwood trade-a-fic

Here's the deal...

Let's face it, the comms are god awful slow and that's no not fun, so....

...I'm offering to write Torchwood (or Dr who)story for anyone who emails me a prompt. Can be as simple as the pairing, or whatever you want, including a chapter of one of my WIPs.

But there is a string attached...that being that You agree to write me a Torchwood story or do an icon of your own choosing as well. You can post the story here (I think you can do that in the comments at least), or choose one of the comms I'm cross-posting.

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