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    Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
    1:10 am
    Alderaan coming to a Disney near you.
    If, like many, you missed the fun in Orlando over the weekend, there is news! Star Tours was shut down for a revamp. However, a last trip was made to Endor. During the ride a preview was shown of the new Star Tours and it includes a stop at Alderaan!

    Check out the footage!

    I'm quite happy and can't wait for this thing to open up!
    Sunday, March 14th, 2010
    12:49 am
    Bail in Clone Wars
    For those who might be interested, Bail make another appearance in the animated Clone Wars episode "Senate Murders." The ep was up on iTunes for a brief period earlier today but has since been taken down. It airs on Cartoon Network in the US next Friday night and, apparently, aired in Canada last Friday. His previous episode, "Hostage Crisis," was the closer for season one.
    Sunday, March 29th, 2009
    2:31 am
    Wild Space
    In case you haven't heard, Karen Miller's Clone Wars novel, Wild Space, was nominated for a Scribe Award. When the novel was released in late 2008 the buzz built fast. Everyone has praised Karen's Obi-Wan characterization and I was very happy to see Bail getting some more play.

    I recently had a slow day and needed to unwind. I picked up the novel and did a re-read. Anyone interested in a little discussion? Now that we are getting more authorized information about Bail, how does it fit in with your idea of fanon Bail? Are people happy to see more of him or would you rather he remain a blank slate?
    Monday, October 6th, 2008
    4:12 am
    Bail in print
    Sue Rostoni recently did a huge infodump about upcoming SW novels over on the blogs. Right up top of the list is Clone Wars: Wild Space by Karen Miller. Featured characters? Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bail Organa out in, you guessed it, wild space. Not only that but the release date took me by surprise. November 25th 2008! I know I've been pretty out of the loop recently (on just about everything thanks to various personal stuff) but how did that get by me? At least I'm not the only one. Club Jade recently noted this news and had the same reaction I did. If the news about this one was out before now, nobody there remembers either.
    Sunday, August 17th, 2008
    8:47 pm
    Bail -- unsung hero
    With the premier of the animated Clone Wars feature, and the flurry of resulting reviews, a few comments and pieces have shown up about unsung, minor, and disrespected characters from SW canon. It just so happens that Bail/Jimmy Smits features in one of these on the Maxim website

    While the company Bail's character is keeping in this list is largely camp, there are a few that do leave you scratching your head and wondering why more medals didn't get passed out. (Including poor Chewie. Luke and Han get bling but we ignore the Wookie? Just uncool!)
    Thursday, May 22nd, 2008
    10:51 pm
    Bail in The Force Unleashed
    An interesting bit of casting for the new LucasArts SW video game due out this summer- The Force Unleashed. Jimmy Smits is voicing Bail for the game! The story is set after events of RotS and it is interesting to note that Bail is featured enough that they went to the trouble of asking Jimmy to do the voice. It should be interesting to see where this goes. Thoughts?
    Thursday, March 20th, 2008
    7:32 pm
    Alderaan - Home of House Organa
    The planet Alderaan is critical to the Star Wars movies in spite of the fact that we only see the planet briefly: one shot from space during A New Hope, and a short snip during the end of Revenge of the Sith. Some of the most influential politicians of the time period hailed from Alderaan (Bail Antilles, Bail Organa, and Leia Organa just to name a few) and the destruction of the planet by the Death Star became a rallying cry across the galaxy. Many systems joined the rebellion after the destruction of Alderaan realizing that if it could happen to a planet that had no weapons, was known for it's diplomatic corps, chefs, and medical facilities, and preached pacifism that it could certainly happen anywhere.

    To understand both Bail Organa, and his adopted daughter, I think it's important to know about their planet. Where we live is as much a part of who we are as our hair color. Cultural and social influences mold one's personality and belief systems.

    At different points during the development of ANH and RotS, George Lucas called on his art departments to create visions of Alderaan for possible inclusion in the movies. The most of the art here is by Ralph McQuarrie and hails from The Illustrated Star Wars Universe by Kevin J. Anderson. In addition to having a lovely feature on Alderaan, it also covers planets like Coruscant, Hoth, Endor, Bespin, Degobah, and Yavin 4. The other artworks I've included are from The Art of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith by Jonathan Rinzler. Facts about Alderaan are taken from both books along with the SW Encyclopedia and the Wizards of the Coast publication Coruscant and the Core Worlds for use in role play gaming.

    Read more... )
    There's loads more to learn about Alderaan -- tons of facts and figures, people and places -- that are covered in the books I mention but these are the bits that go with the scans I have available. I hope you find both the information and the pictures helpful!
    Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
    4:29 am
    RotS Graphic Novel "cut" scene
    One of Bail's three cut scenes from RotS is included in the Dark Horse Comics Graphic Novel. I've done a scan! (Cut for graphics.)

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    This is one of six scenes that Rick McCallum has said will be included on the DVD release. This means we're likely to get much more Bail on the DVD!
    Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
    2:13 pm
    More of Bail's staff
    An update on the databank gives us a new member of Bail's extended staff: Corla Metonae.

    "What's the story," gives SW fans a chance to add to the EU mythos by posting drawings or photos of hardly seen incidental characters and allowing you to send in a databank entry. The winner is added to the databank and becomes "canon."

    Corla is niece to Captain Raymus Antilles and is part of the staff of the Tantive IV. She also is given credit for being involved in the Another Chance project -- A plan spearheaded by Bail Organa to disarm Alderaan and send its remaining weapons randomly jumping through hyperspace until recalled to the planet by the Council of Elders. (FYI, for those that aren't EU fanatics, the info about Another Chance was originally created by Bill Slavicse for West End Games in the 1991 "Graveyard of Alderaan," but was referenced for the books Before the Storm by Michael Kube-McDowell and Mike Stackpole's X-Wing: The Bacta War.)

    Here's her official photo from the databank entry. If you've seen some of the concept drawings of Alderaan outfits you'll note this is one of them come to life: Read more... )

    Read more details about Corla (and her relationship to Bail and his projects) in her new databank entry here:
    Monday, June 26th, 2006
    5:13 am
    Captain Antilles Speaks
    SW Homing Beacon #164 features actor Rohan Nichol - better known to SW fans as Captain Raymus Antilles in RotS. I thought a few of us that don't get the Homing Beacon might be interested in the feature. Here it is, in its entirety:

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    Thursday, March 20th, 2008
    12:25 am
    Bail has two aides
    When information about RotS started to come out over the internet, many saw a picture of a lovely young woman in white. In time, we came to know this person as Sheltay Retrac, aide to Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan. She is featured in the very short moment when Bail joins Captain Antilles as they blast off from Coruscant in search of Jedi.

    What isn't as well known is that among Bail's many scenes that hit the cutting room floor there was also another aide. My costume book includes his name as well as a very nice photo of him in his outfit.
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    Given the busy schedule of a man who is Viceroy of his planet (in addition to being a Senator and husband) I'd be surprised if there aren't several more staff members both on Coruscant and on Alderaan who take care of everything from Bail's clothes to managing his calendar and going over legislation. Still, this man managed to make his way into Dressing a Galaxy AND got the honor of a name from Lucas. Heck of an accomplishment for a character we never got to see.
    Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
    6:03 pm
    The formation of the Alliance
    Among deleted scenes (or scenes not shot for RotS) are meetings between Bail, Mon Mothma, and Padme. Some of these scenes showed up in DVD extras. Others showed up in the book or the comics.

    Here are some scans of one of the scenes from the comic.
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    Friday, November 11th, 2005
    12:19 pm
    SW Audio Cast
    One of the most recent SW Hyperspace audio casts has excerpts of interviews with the actors that play Senators in RotS. Jimmy Smits has the longest bit at just around 1/3 of the audio cast. Genevive O'Riley, who plays Mon Mothma, is next followed by Christopher Kirby (Giddean Danu), Kee Chan (Mal'e-Dee), and Warren Owens (Fang Zar). Ren, since you mentioned you were having a bit of trouble with the audio, here's a transcript:

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    Friday, November 4th, 2005
    1:12 am
    "Confronting the Chancellor."
    The third and final "Birth of the Rebellion" deleted scene from the Revenge of the Sith DVD is titled "Confronting the Chancellor." Bail is not in this scene, but I offer it here for completeness.

    Cut for possible spoilers and long load time since I have transcripted the dialogue and have added high-res screen shots )
    Sunday, March 16th, 2008
    12:15 am
    First Post
    This is a new community devoted to the Star Wars Character Bail Organa. Over time I will move all data from the Bail Lovers community at Live Journal to this location and will delete the old one.
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