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Not to mention the aslyum asylum in the user info, my bad! Lots of coffee. However, it has come to my attention, a little too late that some people are being royal douche bags. DO NOT just kill the person you're complaining about, it's nice for people to vent but you do not need to go as far as flaming them.

Also, I'd really appreciate it if you did NOT name names or communities. Not only does it make you look like a douche bag,...but quite honestly it hurts the other people and it hurts your IQ.

Sorry darlings.


Sometimes I wonder if people wank off, back-talk to mods, show complete disrespect, and break rules just to get on the nerves of the mods. Let's ignore the amount of work they put in to create a game for you to play in, leaving them almost no time to play themselves (that is assuming when you players decide to be active for once), but let's make their lives even worse by being complete fuckwits every chance you get?

Why don't you do all of the good mods a favor and GTFO and [info]quitroleplay. If someone knows where all the good, wank-free players are, please, send them over, I'm personally sick of the other kind.

Are you kidding me?

I need to vent a little.

I'm in the typical inescapable confinement pan-fandom. Of course I noticed right off the what? That's right, irrational amount of people who are perfectly happy with being there. So sue me that my character does not want to be there, disagrees with a warden, and disagrees with anyone who supports the warden. I don't think this grants everyone permission to hate on my character. Give me a break.

In this situation, A and AA are best friends. So are B and BB. B hurts A and AA's friend C. Yet when the naturally aggressive A yells a little bit and says 'You'd better watch out' BB is righteously offended. When AA tries to calm things down, albeit defending A, BB decides that both of us are acting completely OOC, far enough to tell me she is 'Disturbed that either of us would think their actions IC or okay.'

Did I mention that BB IS THE MOD? And not only is her character the most powerful in the game but SHE PLAYS THE WARDEN? And that B and BB are completely guilty of every single thing that both A and AA did, but somehow it's OKAY for those characters to do so, but when ours do so it's 'OOC and bizarre?' Even though it makes MORE sense for the A's do do those things than the B's?

Right. Hopefully it blows over in a misunderstanding. >.>

Proving the Point

After being kicked out of a game for disrespecting the mods, trying to tell them how to run their game, and for proving to be full of drama (lets not mention holding a main character and barely making posting requirements), your response is to begin harassing said mods and talking to players in the game and in other games, badmouthing them? Yeah, way to prove our point. I may have felt bad if you hadn't begun behaving like a complete drama llama. Here's to hoping no one else turns out like you. And for God's sake, leave the other players alone.

The mod may be a bitch, but she's not your bitch

Dear Players,

Know first that we love you. You are what makes our game possible and it's your creativity and energy that keeps us doing what we do. We want to make this game a great experience for you and do anything we can to help.

That being said, I feel I must pass on one little bit of advice, and do excuse me for putting it so crudely, but sometimes simplicity is best:

The mod is not your bitch.

Keep that in mind the next time you find yourself thinking that the mod should be updating your info, playing with you, or typing precisely what you want to read right now.

You might also keep a couple other things in mind:

1. There are other players who also need our attention.

2. I know this is shocking, dear players, but sometimes we do things other than RP. Some of us have jobs. Many of us have families. A rare few even, believe it or not, have social lives. We also sometimes play in other games, becuase as you know, being a player is fun.

Writing takes creativity and energy and we cannot always play with you or plot with your right now. There are times when my creativity takes a nose dive and it's all I can do to lie here on my fainting couch and chat about nothing in particular with all of you, dear friends, and perhaps sip a restorative beverage. I will be back to playing with you tomorrow, or maybe even in a few days. I promise I have not abandonned you. Perhaps you should also relax and have some sort of restorative beverage. There, isn't that better?

We don't have total control over our creativity or writing skills. Sometimes things work and the plot flows and the characters jump easily onto the screen. Other times it is a struggle. It's the nature of creative writing. We simply do the best that we can and try to help each other out. Players and mods alike.

So be kind, be patient, hug your mod, and remember, always remember, she's not your bitch.

Eris - Discord - Goddess [userpic]

I know it's extremely spiteful of me, but seeing that closed sign on one of your most favorite games does nothing, but make me feel happy. Perhaps if you'd stuck by me rather than dropping me like a hot potato I'd have a little more sympathy for you, but I seriously doubt it. Here's hoping your next venture fails as well.

Kayla [userpic]
So petty...

The people over at [info]cabotschool are so petty!! omg. Seriously! I made an OOC post about leaving and I gave an explanation why. I got slammed with a bunch of petty lame arguementative shit.

The Details )

Chaz Avery {the good, the bad, and the dirty} [userpic]


Self Perfection [userpic]
the pathetic horrors of M

I am currently of the mind that the Harry Potter realm has been infested by a wave of absolutely horrible Rpers. Don't get me wrong, I love the HP realm and will never leave it and have met some fantastic players, but seriously, certain individuals should not be allowed to continue without being called on their pathetically bad code of conduct.

For instance, the one who I'm just going to refer to as M, is a perfect example. This particular individual is guilty of the following transgressions...

1) acting like a complete wanker to individuals if their characters aren't friendly/sleeping with her own characters.

2) acting like a child if a particular plot line doesn't go how she thinks it should

3) having all of her characters blatant sexual beings and yet claiming that they are not sleeping around. They're innocent, after all. Helpful hint. Don't make a journal entry stating 'I Love Having Sex' and believe that A) your not acting childishly, and B) that no one in the game is going to comment on the statement.

4) if you have the misfortune of having one of your characters involved with her character on an intimate level, be prepared for every thread between the two of them to be about sex. No if, ands, or buts.

5) has over four characters that she plays in a single game. You've tried to ignore her, but the fact of the matter is that you can't avoid her. She sticks her big nose in everywhere.

6) if your character has an argument with one of hers expect her to make comments OOC that make you feel guilty about the argument. Manipulation isn't exactly OOC code of conduct for most games.

7) all her characters are the same. Different name, same bitchy, holier than thou attitude. Worst of all, they always have an amazingly gorgeous actor as their PB. News flash. Chances are that at 15, your character doesn't look like Kristen Bell or Blake Lively.

8) if you create an OC character and leave her game, don't plan on taking that character with you. Despite you having created their personality, back history, appearance, and everything that makes them who they are, they aren't your character. Taking them with you is stealing.

and finally,

9) worst of all, she has pathetic lackeys who continue to harass you after you have cut all ties with this particularly horrible RPer. Helpful hint: make sure your lackey knows just who you are before you attempt to use her to bother me. It's embarrassing when that sort of childish action comes back at you.

And of course I have to add my own two cents.  I enjoy a good mature scene, but unless there is plot behind it, thoughts, and some history, it tends to be boring, quick, and my character running to the door.  So there is this chick and she writes this intense line with my guy and decides to never back their 'assumed' friendship up with real play.  No, no...she is going to IM me with "She needs to get laid, lets play." 


If she calls my char her bed buddie one more time or expect him to understand and feel for her char because they have 'assumed' a friendship, she is out of her bleeding mind.  I cannot and will not write a friendship line if all you want to do is cyber.  

Done. And. Done.


Something that endlessly annoys me...*sigh*

You are playing an adult male character. And he's gay. And you're shipping him with another adult, gay male.
Do not to be playing him as though he were a twelve year old girl trying to impress her boyfriend with her psuedo-helplessness and admiration of his Big, Brave, Strongness.

You have got to be kidding )

In summary, next time any of these things happen (or any of a dozen others like them), I'm going to have my character ask, "How old were you when you first got your period?"

Why, HP fandom, why?

Why do you have to produce some of the most incompetent writers and RPers that I've come across? I can list a number of players, on a couple of sites, and a few fandoms, to rant about, but I'd like to save some of my stories for some time other than my first post. So I'll just mention my latest two pet peeves.

Theo. This guy's sweet, if not a little too..."friendly" at times. But this kid has openly admitted to me that he doesn't care about writing properly in a text-based forum. Excuse me? So his posts have no substance, his grammar and spelling are atrocious (he actually used "w/" in a recent post), and he gets his panties in a twist when you ask him to add more when there's nothing to push the plot of a thread.

He is just a terrible player in general. He's not new, so it's not even like he can fall back on "I'm a noob" to soften the blow. I wrote a post that was nearly four paragraphs of dialog, action, and thought. Do I expect someone to match that on an open-skill forum? No. But I would like it to look like he put in effort to match mine! Not two fucking lines. And I'm definitely not the only person to have complaints against him.

"Vampyro." ...Yes, that is his character's name. Well, it was, until someone said something to him about how unrealistic it is for a fifteen-year-old Ravenclaw student. Now it's just his nickname. But the player said that "Vampyro" was his own handle in his band. I've never played with him, but he whines about having nothing to do (which is kind of true, because though the site has a few hundred members, there's not a lot of activity), but he doesn't make any threads. He's in England, the most active part of the site. America, France, and Bulgaria suffer, but England is pretty active because Hogwarts draws the most people. I guess not figuring out that starting a thread himself shouldn't be a surprise, since he thought that "red" was the past tense of "to read." Nonono, it was NOT a typo. When I corrected him, he admitted to learning something new. He's sixteen. English is apparently his best subject, and he's very intellegent [sic]. Yeah, okay, buddy.

Ready? Okay!
Modern RPers, we know there's drama out there but what's worse is when the drama is started by moderators themselves. So here. Stay away from these games:


I was in this realm for a while and saw the worst of it. Basically, the games are ran by the same three people. To add to that, these three people have about two other friends. These five people make up the entire game. They each have about twenty characters each. It's cliquey, the mods are do not listen to complaints and people are just boring.

That's all I have to say.
Happy playing!

Project Mugetsu [userpic]
Final Fantasy 7. What amusing wank you attract.

Edit: Turns out that the player sent that letter was a 'I'm leaving 4evahs!' letter, and has ditched the RPG. Thank god. Righto.

This issue has been building up over a couple of weeks or so, in a FF7 forum RPG that I co-admin/co-own.

The application process is that Applicationer has to submit a finished application as a new thread in the application board, titled as the character's name and role, for simplicity's sake, as a guest.

Pending Player L had completely ignored this process, and privately sent It's application to my co-admin.

Fast forward two weeks or so of Pending Player L completely ignoring my presence; 60% of the continual rejections and general discussion taking place in an e-mail or IM with my co-admin. I have only received a couple of replies from Pending Player L in the forum itself, when we had requested It to submit the new application like everybody else does.

As of this morning, Pending Player L had sent a rather... sad letter, to my co-admin, regarding the latest rejection of his application. Under the cut to protect your eyes, somewhat NSFW.

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