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08:50am 28/03/2009
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Time flies - sorry things have been so quiet around here. I'm still considering getting a few sheep, but other things have been taking precedence. And our back fence is NOT sheep proof. ;D So I'm not in a hurry - we'll probably take care of the fence this summer, so sheep would be a project for next year anyway.
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04:21pm 05/09/2007
dragon_moon posting in Baa Baa Black Sheep
Greetings! I put some of the more recognizable sheep breeds on the interest list - I've got about 100 more to fill, so if you think of any you'd really like added please let me know! Otherwise, I'll start randomly adding more breeds. :o)

Anyone who is interested in sheep, lambs, herding dogs, goats, llamas, donkeys is welcome to join. Or any other animals that tend to go along well with sheep. Out of those I currently only own a half-herding dog mix so you certainly don't have to own any or all of them! Introductions are welcome but not necessary. Hope you enjoy!

Spring Hill Romneys - they have some fun pictures and commentary in their Around the Year section. Located in Washington.

Bide a Wee Farm - Jacobs Sheep and Navajo-Churros. Located in Oregon. Lots of beautiful photos!

Oklahoma State's Sheep Breed section. Very informative, and most have pictures.

A gorgeous horned Dorset!
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