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August 20th, 2007

After lots of discussing, squeeing, and editing of someone who is far too wordy...

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[info]theantijoss and [info]redscorner have finally hammered out the rules for this asylum. They are as such:

What this community is: A safe haven for any fan of the Buffy/Angel relationship. We encourage discussion, sharing of fiction/icons/videos and just about anything else B/A related. There will be weekly prompts and anyone who wants to participate can; however, it isn't a requirement. This is a place to share all of your B/A related fic, meta, graphics, icons, layouts, news, discussion, etc.

What this community is not: A place to start, engage in or perpetrate any kind of asshattery. Period. Hopefully, there will never come a time where we’ll need to expand on this definition, as we expect everyone to play nice.

Prompts will be issued on Monday and will be presented in different formats. The only rules we have about the content created in response to prompts are as follows:

1. Any fic over 100 words, all graphics except for a small teaser, and all adult rated material MUST go behind a cut. Adult stuff must also be labeled clearly outside the cut.

2. Any icons posted will be "up for grabs" by members of the community. If you see an icon or icons you want to use, please comment to the creator on the post, and credit the creator in the keywords once you've uploaded it to your account. This is just common decency, and anyone caught not giving proper credit or claiming work as their own will FEEL THE WRATH OF THE BANHAMMER.

3. When posting in response to a prompt, please tag your entry with the prompt number. Please note there are no time limits, no constraints as to when content can be posted, hence the tagging of the entry with the prompt number. Also, if we've used a text prompt for that week, that text does not have to appear in your fiction or on your icons. We want to see what the prompts inspire, not force you to change how you write or make icons.

4. Have fun! That's what this community is really all about. We're here to celebrate the love of these two heroes.

If at any point you have a question or a concern, feel free to contact one of the maintainers. While we're both available to contact, [info]redscorner has a little more free time on her hands (for now, anyway) then [info]theantijoss does, so you may get a faster response from her.

Also, Ducks says she has way less patience than Red, so keep that in mind as well.

This post is forward dated and will be updated weekly to add prompts.

Prompt 001, posted 8/20/07: Text, song lyric "I wanna know, are you contemplating the beautifully intended, yet tainted impression of me?"
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