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August 20th, 2007

Some additions and our first prompt!

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There are a few things I'd forgotten to add into the rules section for the weekly prompts when I posted asylum rules last night.

When posting in response to a prompt, please tag your entry with the prompt number. Please note there are no time limits, no constraints as to when content can be posted, hence the tagging of the entry with the prompt number. Also, if we've used a text prompt for that week, that text does not have to appear in your fiction or on your icons. We want to see what the prompts inspire, not force you to change how you write or make icons.

That being said, I give you prompt number 001. It is a song lyric from Mel C, former temporarily reinstated Spice Girl. The song is called Beautiful Intentions and there's something about this line that tugs at me, Buffy/Angel wise.

I wanna know, are you contemplating the beautifully intended, yet tainted impression of me?

There you have it. Go write or make icons or fanvids. Have fun!!

~Red, your friendly Co-Mod who is awake far too early with not nearly enough coffee.
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