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Pandemonium Pot Luck Event Mar. 26th, 2008 @ 12:05 pm

We're trying to start the ball rolling to help Pandemonium Books & Games to raise funds and develop plans to pay the State Department of Revenue and consolidate it's debt. Pandy, in case you've never been there, is at 4 Pleasant Street in Cambridge Massachusetts's Central Square (behind the 7-11 on Mass Ave and across the street from Post Office).

There will be a Pot Luck Fund Raiser at the store on Saturday Night (the 29th - this week) from 7-11 pm. Folks who want to come and help out should bring a shareable food item and be willing to donate $10 into the Pandemonium Preservation Fund.

It will be a general meet n greet for folks, with board and card gaming, and discussing of plans for future fund raising efforts and other events at the store.

Our main desire is to make sure that Pandemonium doesn't end up in the situation that Toscanini's did earlier this year. Tyler has some ideas to avoid this, through the help of the local fandom community that he has been serving for the past 18 years.

The market for small independent retailers, especially book and game stores, is not an easy one at this time. Quantum Books is shutting the Doors, Mcintyre & Moore are having to move to another location for the second time in recent memory, many others (like Games Workshop) are gone or depend upon Harvard University giving them reduced rents to stay in business. Pandemonium doesn't have a University or a Corporation to help them when times are tough. All it has is you the fans and customers to help keep it going.

So, please come, share food, chat, play games, shop, and join us in showing our appreciation of Pandemonium and hope for it's continued future for years to come. We can make a difference with a little combined effort. There will be a variety of foods and drink to enjoy for your effort.

Joseph Teller

I will be signing copies of my book and giving away prizes TONIGHT @ NEDSWB in Arlington MA 8pm! Feb. 23rd, 2008 @ 11:08 am
I will be selling and signing copies of my ebook on CD, Blood of the Dark Moon, the first in the Dark Moon series and reviewed with great praise by pagan and occult book fiction and non-fiction reviewer Mike Gleason. If you enjoy tales of secret societies, vampires, paganism, mythology, vampire erotica, supernatural romance, urban fantasy and dark fantasy in general, the book is definitely up your alley.

Free reads of my book can be found here:
Reviews of my book, including Mike Gleason's, can be found here:

Please note: last week my book has gone out of print, leaving the limited quantities of the book that I have on CD as the ONLY copies left available to purchase at this time. If you want to read this book and don't want to wait until it goes back into print, I would suggest either attending this event, purchasing a copy on my website, or contacting me to arrange for a sale.

Here are the details for those of you in the New England area or will be in the area around then:

Event details including location, DJs, and prizes )

Also, for updates do check my website at
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Welcome to the community. ^_^ Dec. 13th, 2007 @ 11:53 am
Welcome to the Boston community!

First off, a quick listing of the rules:

1 - Please stay on topic to the Boston and Greater Boston area (including suburbs). This means news, events, locations, and anything related to such.

2 - Please place anything NWS (not work safe), anything with large pics, videos, and/or long text posts behind a cut tag.

3 - No flames! Some occasional good natured snark is okay and to be expected, but try to respect posters regardless of your feelings behind their posts.

That's it. Have fun!
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